New Feature - Turtles

I’m sure most of us out there love turtles, so we should obviously add a turtle that peacefully finds its own business until we slaughter it. There should be baby turtles that have a rare chance of dropping a turtle shell helmet (it doesn’t have to be strong since baby turtle shells are soft) and adult/elder turtles that have a rare chance to drop turtle shell torso armor. Also, a possible mount for underwater exploration is an options too.

Let me know if you have any turtle ideas.

Sounds a bit like the turtle shell in minecraft (helmet and underwater exploration)

this… this needs to be in the game.
maybe like a hidden boss of seaside path, but…
this probably wont be a thing.
sm h

Lol, we all love “turtle” because he’s a nice guy.

Turtle sure is an awesome dude

You Love That Screenshot I Swear.


but yeah turtles are cool and should be added

you put that everywhere lol

I sure do love it : )

I like Sugar Gliders more than turtles.

Nah gimme a Penguin!

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There should be back accessories added. They shouldn’t interfere with armor however. Would be pretty cool to wear a large turtle shell on your back for a lot of defense but less jump power and movement speed