New Feature - Take A Chance

This feature will not be p2w.

I know that in my previous topic, I left it up to you guys to come up with things that you could craft. That being said, this topic will be focused on what could happen when you craft a weapon.

In this update, every time you craft a weapon, it has different base stats. So every time you craft a weapon, you’re taking a chance*, with the weapon having risk of having worse stats than the first one you made.

Not only that but, with this risk comes a benefit, there is a chance that the weapon will gain a legendary stat, like gaining the effect of 3-5 ancient scrolls for its base stats (still having 7 upgrade attempts).

I think this would be good for the game because it would give reason for people to grind more, and explore more, for the materials and money needed to make the weapon. Not only that but, it would also allow for more powerful weapons in the game.

What other kind of stats would you like on your weapon if you were to take this risk?

so like a quality system (something similar to terraria)

where you can make weapons and they can have modifiers like ‘‘legendary’’ that would make the weapon worth 10x more and 3x stronger or ‘‘broken’’ which would just make it have -X damage then a weapon with no modifier

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big terraria vibes and terraria is great so yes

I wouldn’t use the word modifier to describe what I am suggesting.

The word I would use to describe my idea, is variation.

I am not suggesting that you will be able to edit the stats of your weapon, this would make it too easy to get the weapon of desire.

But what I am suggesting is a system where you have to use where, if you craft a specific weapon, the stats on the weapon you receive, each time after crafting it, would never be the same.

For instance, I want to craft 2 fang daggers, my first one gives me base damage of 37, but then I craft the spider dagger again, and I get super lucky, and gain a rare stat bonus, increasing the base damage to 52.

This system is similar to rolling a dice. The higher the number you roll, the better your reward.

This is why I would use the word variation to describe this idea, as the weapon you are creating is still the same, but just has the potential to be different each time you make it, which expands the variety of that weapon.

Another example of this is, if I craft 2 fang daggers, the first one I craft would be normal colored, and the second one I craft would be red, which would represent it’s rarity.

You can think of a weapon like a pokemon, each craft would represent each encounter you have, and each weapon you get from the craft would represent each pokemon that you were able to catch.

As we all know, pokemon come with very different stats and attributes. Some are shiny, while some are stronger than others. Just like the idea I’m suggesting, after crafting and attaining the item, each time after you craft it, it will have different stats, and has the possibility of being shiny (which is the “red” colored spider dagger").

Yes, it would make the weapon about 10x more valuabe, and about 3x stonger, possibly. But, this would not make it “broken”.
I say this because, regardless of how you look at it, unless you’re super lucky, the amount of resources it would take to attain this item would not be able to be determined, as attaining a weapon with a “legendary” stat is purely luck based.

Getting a legendary stat would be similar to getting 5 great scrolls to work on your weapon. It would be super hard to get unless you’re super lucky. So, it balances out.

so like the crafting system in terraria but without reforging

commit die, kthxbye

this is how you were meant to read it, kthxbye
(and yes I did change some things in the quotes since i did realise that i made some things unclear)

I feel like having a consistent and moderately obtainable crafting system would be better than luck and chance. A lot of the issues with these kinds of systems is that it takes time to get the resources and it doesn’t always work out. Considering not everyone has time to do such, it really unbalances the different players in the game. People who have school work including clubs and such will fall drastically behind. That also includes people who work or do services in the army, like Sin. I would propose a more balanced crafting system with modifying weapons based on items such as Gems or Metals. These items can be obtainable through quests or dungeons. This would give people who don’t have as much time to play the game enough information to manage when they can and cannot play to achieve these items. In addition, it fit your criteria of modifying weapons.

so like, what you are saying is that people who spend the time to get good gear shouldn’t be rewarded for their efforts?

and once trading is fixed you will probably be able to get an above average weapon from your local no-life weapon trader

I’m saying people who spend their time to get the materials for crafting should be rewarded without error. Imagine taking the time to get all the items and you get a bad outcome. That’s just simply not a good way to go. Luck and Chance based systems don’t take in account hard working individuals, at all.

  1. scrolls do the exact thing you just said

  2. if you don’t want the chance of spending the time to get crafting materials and get a bad weapon just have 0 chance of a bad modifier, instead make good modifiers rarer like

  • no modifier is a 70% chance
    a common modifier is a 15% chance
    a rare modifier is 10%
    and legendary modifier is like 5% or smth

My only issue with that is that players like me wont have the ability to go for that the same way others will. I’m a supporter of the game, I love playing it and I love PVP. This would vastly discriminate against people who don’t have the ability to play as much. In the current state of game, with unbalanced PVP, it’s unthinkable to try and compete against someone with weapons that are greatly superior. A few rare drops from dungeons and bosses would be a more achievable goal and would provide the same challenge without the risk of failure.

yeah but scrolls already do that tho

I never said scrolls were a superior form of item,

k then

Basically this sounds like you need a way to ‘reforge’ your items like you can do with the Goblin Tinkerer in Terraria, or maybe like the enchantment table in Minecraft…?