New Feature - Puzzling

This feature is not p2w.

Who doesn’t like a good puzzle? Especially when you have to make it up yourself, with material that you find all over the world.

In this implementation, the Blacksmith sub-class will have the ability to come up with their own armor / weapon

How will this work you might ask? Well, like a puzzle, you will travel all around the world to find materials specifically made for crafting, strongest, bestest, gear in the game.

For instance, you find a spider fang, some crabby claws, and a few wooden clubs, which you then use use to create a decent low level weapon.

In this feature, there will be no need to get a recipe, for the gear that you’re crafting, from anyone. The only requirement is to max out your sub-class, to be be able to make anything you want. In turn, this would expand the possibilities in the game, and the amount of activity max levels could do after they are done leveling.

Of course, if you create the gear, you get to name it! For every new gear that is made in-game, that hasn’t existed before, will be able to be named by their creator.

I really do think that this would be good for the game, because it would lead to much imagination, creativity, exploration, hardcore farming, and determination. In addition to this, it would also make Vesteria more, not geographically, but mentally, vast.

What gear would you make, and what would you name it? (No memes, they will automatically be flagged.)

Not really like a puzzle, they challenge your brain and are solved, this is just crafting but with no recipes, the devs still have to make all the armors beforehand so the “imagination” is as far as the devs think, like some crafting recipes won’t work because the devs haven’t thought of it.

Actually, this wont be true, you don’t have to use a design that a dev has already made. Just like how there can be custom shirts, there can be custom armor pieces.

But, because devs are better at designing armor than most people, people are likely to resort to transmogrifying their creation.

I have already came up with this conclusion, which lead to my topic to focus more on custom stats instead of appearances. But keep in mind that when making custom armor, you could use assets from armor that is already made to make a new-looking armor piece.

For instance, I could combine the shoulder pads from the wooden armor with the chest strap from the hunter shirt, thus making a new armor piece.

So yes, this would challenge the mind because it would need the creator tho think long and hard about how they want their armor to look.

Like a puzzle, the final outcome of the look is predetermined before you even piece it together. This is due to the fact that there are only so many pieces you can use.

That being said, this ideal, in my opinion, is very similar to the puzzle. And just because the devs made the items that you could use to make a new armor set, doesn’t mean that they already planned for you to make that specific design.

My idea suggests taking pieces from different puzzles to make an entirely new one.

Your taking from other designed wasn’t very clear but i understand now, all you really said was using some materials and didn’t even describe the look :confused: