New Feature - Pet Poll

What type of pet/companion would you like?

  • Mythical Beast
  • Miniature Humanoid (One of the NPCs like Lil Pump)
  • Regular Animal
  • In-game Mob (Spider, Crab, Goblin, Mushroom)
  • Mechanical (Robots, Drones, ect.)
  • A companion the same size as you that follows you around

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That’s a mythical beast.

Actually, that looks like a decent mob to add to the game.

It had the boxes like i could pick multiple but it let me pick one?


I forget what it’s called but my favorite animal is this right here!

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id say like a rare chance to get a boss as a pet as well would be pretty cool.

Wow I’m so tired I posted that on the wrong topic lmao

That would count as an “In-game mob”.

Why was that flagged?

Someone flagged it I guess

I didn’t flag it, but i think berezaa might of did it, since it was a meme, and didin’t relate to the topic.

lol it got flagged for “spam” and i did want that thing as a companion.

For the amount of gnome memes everyone posts, that makes no sense for it to be flagged.

I feel like different classes and sub classes should have opportunists to get different types of bets. There could be a hunter or warrior sub class that is very mechanical, so they get access to stuff like robots and drones. I like that idea but I had to pick in game mobs since I couldn’t pick two things. Although, robots and drones don’t really fit the current feel of the game.

I really don’t think robots and drones would fit in. But yeah i think pet system would be a cool and usefull thing like if they picked upp loots for you. And maybe in the future people could use robux or do in game daily events to unlock costume for the pets. The pets in general should only be unlocked via the game itself trough. The reason why i brought out microtransaction is beacuse the devolopers going to have some way to earn a living out of. And things such as cosmetic items and stuff is not p2w and with that way people who don’t have alot of time to play this game can still unlock cosmetics to their pets and such. While people who plays the game regulary will not even have to worry about it.