New Feature - Mob Kill Tracker/Semi-Exp Tracker

This feature will track how much mobs you killed and how much total EXP gained from killing them.

When you first kill a mob, there’ll be a new entry in your Mob Kill Tracker, which will be a book, very much like the skill books except it tracks how many mobs you kill.

After killing a certain mob “X amount” of times, it’ll count as you “studying” their features, describing whether they have a fast attack speed, fast movement or anything related to behavior or appearances.

When checking a Mob, it’ll determine how much EXP can be gained from that mob by certain level margins you meet.

this is sorta confusing but ok

Oh my word… This will help grinding so much! I recommend it also having a map saying where they spawn.

simplified version: u git book, u kill things, u write down they’re characteristics and features, and u can tell how much exp u get from them, and how many you killed ez explanation B)

Well, yeah, but a wee bit more complicated than that.

I think headless means that the more you kill a mob, the more information you acquire from them in their respective book. Say you learn the mob’s movement speed after 20 kills. After killing the same mob about 50 times total, you could learn the exact base damage they deal.


Also would be pretty neat if the more you kill the more you “learn” their attacks and get a higher dodge chance.

If we can call this system The Lexicon, I’m in.

This idea reminds me of the monster encyclopedia from the Monster Hunter games. Also kinda like a Pokedex from Pokemon.

u want it to be a real estate agency?

Yes. It’s a real state of emergency.

that sounds very complicated

So it’s a fancy Bestiary?

I like the idea, could be good for getting an average exp count.

whadda u mean average exp count?

if it shows how many spiders you killed and how much exp you got, you can do some quick math and get an average.

Well I mean, each spider gives you the same amt of exp when u kill it… unless you lvl up I guess…

Oh, true. Never mind.