New Feature - Instruments

There isn’t much to say in this topic except, I think instruments such as flutes, guitars, and bagpipes would be a good thing to add to the game.

This would be good for the game because it would give people reason to sit around doing nothing, which would in turn, cause them to waste time, and come back to play the game the next day, thus, increasing your profit.

Also, this would appeal to people who are a fan of music, and it would make the game look more appealing with something other than “background music” playing.

Comment down below some other instruments you have in mind.

I support the guitar part.

I think this is an awesome idea. Vesteria should have a more important social aspect to it. I hope the developers see this topic and consider adding instruments to Vesteria.


Drums, Cymbals, and Accordions

As a bard in D&D I approve of this

time to roast spiders with mage bombs while playing Ode to Joy on a flute

lol, make like a mini-game for it. Maybe a keyboard clicker, something. Might be cool…

rolls a 1

literally dies

It wouldn’t hurt for later on in the game, I imagine programming a lot of this in would be quite tiresome. If this does happen, there should certainly be NPC bands across Vesteria.

rolls a 20

Literally turns into a god for a second

Robeats, in Vesteria?!?!?!?

I’d imagine Music would be like how it is in Maplestory 2.

I keep thinking of Skyrim. Just import all of the Sophia, the Follower’s, songs into Vesteria.

Spiders dancing the cha-cha-cha to the tune of country roads

what if enemies were frozen or given debuffs by music


woahahahah bard class confirmed!!?!?!