New Feature - Inertia

Starting now, I am going to be submitting more “little” features for the game, so they can help the game’s detail improve.

For this topic, I will be discussing running and sliding.

Simply put, I think it would be good for the game to add more detail. One of the details being;


I think this this mechanic could be systematic, or manual.

In the systematic sense, the inertia would cause you to travel extra distance if you go a certain speed, without the consent of the player. Meaning, the faster you run, the harder it is for you to slow down.

For the manual approach, players could hold down a key, such as “Ctrl”, to travel extra distance, after running. Meaning, the faster you run, the easier it is for you to travel a longer distance after you run out of stamina.

Also, in both the systematic and manual approach, I think that dirt/dust particles should be emitted when you are in the inertia state.

Again, this would be good for adding detail to the game, and traveling faster.

Ohh, I see. WINK WINK