New feature idea: Whitescroll (Protection Scroll)

Hello fellow vesterians, today I am here to present you with an idea that I think would make vesteria super epic and make scrolling a lot safer and more enjoyable.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever played any minecraft factions servers like Cosmic Pvp, but they have an item that is really cool called the white scroll. Basically, what it does is guarantees the protection of an item from destruction if an enchant had failed while they were applying it. I used to no life on servers that used features as these and I remember always using one just to be cautious even though they were pretty pricey. I’d rather spend money on an item that protects my sword then have my expensive sword break! Anyways thanks for reading my post, if you have any ideas or if you agree with this new feature please let me know in the comments.

Thank you very much!

hail vesra



good idea

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we can change the name to something better like protection scroll

Yes! It would be so great to not have a cursed blow up every other weapon!


i agree i have had 3 webbed staffs die on me

Why not just change the holy scroll to be this instead of the weird chance-halving shenanigans?

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yeah just make the holy do this
but make the holy scrolls have a solid 75% chance though
not some /2 stuff

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I agree, the holy would be so much better and it would make everything much less complicated.