New Feature - Giants/flying enemys

I think it would be quite cool if there were either giants or some sort of flying enemy that have a rare change of spawning or are very tough to kill. Also dropping unique loot at a rare chance.
wings (this would be as rare at 7 ancient scrolls working)
special helm that adds some sort of effect
leggings that grant a huge jump boost
(very unlikely) A special skill that is so rare the chance of it dropping is the equivalent of 7 0.01% scrolls working in a row
(and most importantly) Giant Wepons

So you want items that if someone was to somehow acquire, would basically make them gods.

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7 ancients? Yikes. Wings do sound cool though.
Good ideas :+1:

Yes and no.
I would want the items to give a great advantage but at the same time not be to overpowered.
To balance the wings they could have a cooldown whilst using them.
For the skill the chances of getting it are so low and so is the chance of the enemy spawning that it will be near impossible to get it. but if someone is to acquire it then I would like it to be very powerful. But not to powerful.

So the skill could have like a 5 - 10 min cooldown and when used it could double weapon attack or something?

way over powered

The problem with items like that in PVE cross PVP games is that on a PVE plane, it’s balanced. The effort spent in the PVE world versus the item ability, it balances out. Once it crosses into the PVP plane, it’s unbalanced because it’s so rare to come by and gives a huge advantage. Not sure if this made since, I think of rare items like mass effects space time. (Visual thinking)

I think it’d be better to reduce the item drop chance and just make them consumables that last for a minute or two.

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