New Feature - Fishing Rod

In this feature, it will require multiple drops from multiple mobs.

First off, to get this feature started, I believe that spiders should be able to drop string.

Next, I believe that the sticks dropped from mushrooms, or bought at shops, along with the string dropped from the spiders, could be used to craft a better fishing rod. This should be a quest given by the fishermen, for when you reach a certain level of fishing, which is going to be added today or tomorrow (the thing being added being levels of fishing).

This would be good for the game because it would expand the gear for fishing, thus causing more people to participate in it.

What other ways do you guys think we could obtain fishing rods?

I think this just makes fishing too complicated.

Huh? The thing I am suggesting is a quest for a better fishing rod.
How is that complicated?

sorry, I meant “This just seems way too complicated.”
I think it’d be better if the fisherman rewarded you with a better fishing rod for being a certain level or doing a super time-consuming fishing quest.

Like, a quest that makes you get 50 mushroom spores, 30 red mushrooms, 60 elder beards, 100 crabby claws, and 150 spider fangs

In case you might have accidentally skimmed over it, this is the quest.

Fish Enough + Getting A High Enough Fishing Level(?) In Which You May Be Able To Catch A Better Fishing Rod.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it says In-Progress so I don’t think the Fishing profession won’t be coming in this patch