New Feature - Fang Dagger

This idea is more for the hunter faction.

In this feature, I think that the new hunter representative should give a quest that allows hunters to go kill some spiders and use those spider fangs to make a dagger.

I am aware that spiders are located in the enchanted forest, which is mage-related, but I still think they should be put to use.

As Polymorphic said, hunters will be able to deal overtime damage, in my opinion, this dagger should have a poison status effect.

This would be good for the game because it would add a new mechanic to the game which will peak the interest of new players.

Also, adding this, in my opinion, would add variety to the game.

What else could spider fangs be used for?

1- make all your ideas in one post pl0x

2- image
(this was from the Vesteria Dev Stream:

Spider fangs could be used for like medicines that could boost different things.

oh and another thing: image berezaa confirmed that this will be added


Did they mention anything about a claw dagger?