New Feature: Emote Wheel

Emote’s are the most fun aspect of RPG’s and they create more interaction for you and other players around. Being able to interact at that further level is important and makes a game that much better. Heck, some games even charge for special emotes… and I buy in, sadly. Anyways,

  1. Emote Wheel that binds to a key. When you press the key, the wheel toggles on and you drag your mouse to the emote.
  2. Basic Emotes.
    Wave(I know if you press c you wave), Dance, Rest, Bow, Flex, etc. You get the point.
  3. Special emotes that you could sell. (We should definitely get an emote for being alpha testers)

Sounds like a good idea, but please nothing crazy like the fortnite dances.

I agree! It maybe have seemed like that but all I was suggesting were a few key emotes.

did somebody say fortnite?!

inb4 default dance emote

I checked for a title like this one before posting it. Stop acting like you some type of main in this forum and don’t even call me a pleb.

Not trying to hate but, when you say something like

No one can tell you are joking. You just look like an absolute tool.

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And now you also know to start positively contributing to this community instead of making everyone think you’re a tool! :slight_smile:

All I’m saying is your comments don’t necessarily show a decent image of who you are… Everything you post here stays and people will see it so really think about what you post before doing so. I’m sure you’ve made some good contributions but it’s about maintaining that good image! Maybe a word to better describe your comment is overly confident jerk.

Ouch, cleared everything on this topic

I did it because he started calling me names, and I don’t want to be the cause of this topic being closed. (Over a joke)

what do you think of having a few emotes?

Deleting your other posts isn’t helping your case. You are obviously saying something that isn’t right and even you know that, yet you say it anyway.

Dude there’s not reason in keeping this going! I’d appreciate it if you guys would not provoke it more. He already privately said sorry.