New Feature - Dance Moves/ Emotes

For people who don’t like to speak and show their emotions. Can be fun to use when killing somebody or showing off your dance moves in a dance competition. Note these shouldn’t be paid for. And no, no fortnite emotes.


Stop copying my titles.Pleb.

Please don’t let this game become any closer to Fortnite. Normal emotes like Waving, Laughing, Crying are fine, but none of that flossing crap Fortnite has.


but fortnite is fun ;D

Yeah I hope those dances don’t get put into the game as well.


Melbourne Shuffle

point down emote

Yeah i ban him

Ya no dances from that abomination, personally I just want an emote that makes you look like you died, and maybe some other stuff like WoW has. Nothing from the abomination though plz.

Two words. Runescape. Emotes.

NO! pls don’t turn this into fortnight

You cant do those anyway.

I don’t want fortnite emotes too ok

hit the chug jug

le epic dabs and fortnite default dances on the haters “add emotes” i say well doing so

No please stop. Do not add emotes to this game.

this should be a emote