New Feature - Custom Clothing

This feature, when added, and if added, will not cost robux.

To not get this feature confused with my other features, this idea is not small.

I think that people should be able to create their own clothing and be able to sell it to other people with a percentage taken out of their total profit.

This would be good for the game because it would allow for a marketing system to start, and would lead to people playing the game more often to see if they have made a profit.

Not only that, but people with guilds would also benefit from this, as it would allow people to recognize their guild members from a distance.

I think this idea should be implemented by adding clothing options, with a selection of clothing that are already in the game, and a custom decal feature, which allows players to place a picture of any size, and any place, on the clothing.

I think the price to make this clothing should vary based on how big the decal is, what shirt is being used, and where it’s being sold.

I think a global marketplace or fixed trading should be completed before we even think of this. But still a cool idea.

I agree with this.
But I just posted this for future reference.

berezaa has stated that in the future we will, indeed, have custom clothing so yeah

thank you pizza very cool!