New Feature - Crafting Recipies

This topic is basically for coming up with ideas for things that you could potentially craft in Vesteria, using drops that are already in the game


  1. Name Ingredients.
  2. Where to get ingredients.
  3. Where/How to get the recipe.
  4. What Will be made with the ingredients.
  5. What level crafting do you have to be.


  1. 25 mushrooms
  2. Killing level 3 shrooms
  3. Speaking to a npc in Mushtown
  4. Mushroom Stew
  5. Level 1

pr3tty ic0nic f0r an rpg n0t g0nna lie but i mean, 3h

  1. Chairs
  2. @headlessmicrowave
  3. @headlessmicrowave
  4. C A K E
  5. 0, chairs for everyone!
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^^ Not a drop ingame ^^

stop ruining the fun

w8 from ur example isn’t tht just,(edit: basically) the crab quest

No. I said you get the recipe from a npc in mushtown.

  1. Chairs
  2. Chairs
  3. Chairs
  4. Chairs
  5. Chairs

I hate all of you.


I’ve been notified of chairs discussion here. The Order Of The High Chairs will be accepting members sometime in the future.

If you click “latest”, you’ll notice that my topics are covering the top of the list. Totally not intentional.

Hopefully berezaa isn’t on here to announce a delay. :frowning:

Kenderos Poison- Inflict 110% Weapon Damage

  1. Garlic Salt, Sea Salt, Rock Salt
  2. A woman in Farmlands, Fisherman at the Shore and an Alchemist in Nilgarf
  3. A shady man in Mushtown, wearing a dark cloak shrouded in the shadows of the alley, forever stuck in the idle animation as if his life was a lie, will give you the recipe to the poison.
  4. Kenderos Poison - Inflict 110% Weapon Damage for three strikes and 180% Weapon Damage over 60 seconds
  5. Basic crafting