New Feature - Cannon Ball!

Continuing the discussion from About the Gameplay Improvements category:

Regarding this statement, I would like to suggest a “splash” feature to be added to the game.

But not just any splash feature, a feature that enables the splash to get bigger, the bigger the impact is between your character and the water.

For example, if you jump from a high cliff, the splash made from that impact would be bigger than if you simply, plainly, jump into water.

I think this would be good for the game because it would lead people to admire the amount of detail put into the game, and it would be a good, fun, way of wasting time in the game.

seems bit unnecessary for such a little detail but if the devs. aren’t against it who am I say that the idea is bad :shrug:

Berezaa voted it, so maybe it’ll get added.

Right now this should not at all be priority, it’s aesthetically pleasing and nothing else.

The better the method to stone people, the happier I am.