New Feature Brainstorm


  • Ability to make unique items, as well as control the affixes given to an item upon creation (such as Keen) which can scale with stat points. Leveled up in a separate skill tree to main progression, and players cannot be a “master of all” in all crafting professions.
  • Crafting stations
    • Specific crafting stations are located in specific areas around the game (i.e. anvil at warrior stronghold, cauldron at mushtown, etc). Players could avoid going to these areas by paying a fee in major cities like Nilgarf to access their version of each crafting station for a small fee. Sufficiently upgraded guild halls will also have their own crafting stations, although that comes with its own complications.

Guild Shrines

  • Purchasable side upgrades to guilds, aside from the main tier upgrades. Buffs include +% physical/magical/overall damage, defense, etc. You can obtain these buffs by praying at the guild shrine, whereupon they will last for the next few hours or so. Will promote more diverse player interactions, such as allowing a player access to a guild hall for buffs in exchange for a toll.

Consumable Weapons

  • Are destroyed upon use; an example of an external method of combat (i.e. throwing knives).

New Affixes

  • Slipshop and Delicate
    • Slipshod: This weapon’s craftsmanship is truly abysmal. Reduced damage, and disappears upon death
    • Delicaet: A masterful, if delicate, work of art. Higher damage, and disappears upon death. Risk/vs reward

Rebirth Items

  • Artifacts
    • Weapons that scale the user’s level, rebirths, and/or stat affinity (highest invested stat from rebirth).
      • Take this blade, my disciple. It is bound to your very soul, and it’s power will grow as your connection to me does. Now go forth, and get me more sacrifices.
  • Scrolls
    • Perhaps high success chance but heavy penalties (character wipe). Level of enchantments would scale level of user and would wipe their inventories and level upon failure.


  • Titles are granted to players for their deeds, such as killing 1000 moglos. Configurable under settings, and displays on the leaderboard/in chat.
    • Player unique titles can be gained as the first to complete a deed, such as the 1000 moglo example earlier. The first player to reach 1000 kills will be the Moglo’s Bane, while subsequent players may be Moglo Slayers, as an example.
    • Potential stat effects tied to a title? After you’ve killed 1000 baby mushrooms, increased damage against them?

Ability Evolutions

  • Just as the player gains experience, so too do their abilities. By using an ability, a player will gain experience with it. By consulting with the Orb after you have enough experience to level your ability, you can choose a different path for your ability. For example, say you use shunpo for movement all the time, never for combat. You gain enough experience to level it up, so you choose a path that reduces damage but increases movement distance. This would further diversify builds, meaning the odds of finding someone with the exact same build as you would be incredibly rare.
    • Can be tied in with stat point ability unlocks, if you go to evolve your ability and you have sufficient stat points, the ability for it to be “pure” or what have you would appear.

Ideas sourced from a discussion between myself and Doteki


Easily one of the best suggestion posts on a while. Very well thought out and is love to see all of these in game.