New Feature - Badges and Rewards

This feature is not p2w.

To keep it short and simple, I think the ability to earn badges, and receiving a reward after earning each badge, would be good for the game.

It would be good for the game because it would encourage people to explore all aspects of the game.

This type of mechanic is typical for MMORPGs.

What type of achievement would you want added to the game? What type of rewards would you like to receive for completing this achievement?

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MushSlaughter: Kill 100 of any type of mushrooms

KrabbyKiller: Kill 100 Krabbys
SpiderSlaughter: Kill 100 Spiders
GiantSlayer: Kill 50 Giant Enemys

Expert fisher - Catch 100 fish
Reward: 20 big red potions, 10 puffer fish, Green fishing rod.

sure. anyways have a wiki post to put the badges

Post under here dont delete

uh I guess a badge for chests since nobody else posted anything in here…

then they can just post their name on the thing they edited. also i got regular recently i need more excuses to use it

this idea has already been suggested on a less popular post. Secret and achievement badges

but still, I think this is a good idea. I don’t think achievements should give actual game-changing rewards, though. They should be things like cosmetics.

Actually, my idea retains to receiving rewards for badges, not just badges.

Could we get EXP for earning these badges? Same way one would earn EXP from basic exploration in SWTOR.

That’d be cool. Maybe also Silver and possibly items for harder badges

need a badge for finding chests and other secret-y things. Rewards: its a secret o-o