New faction gear?!?!?!?! Feelings on it?

If you didn’t already know, berezaa just released photos for new gear for each of the factions
Mage staff:

Hunter hatchet:
and the warrior helmet:
So if you feel hype then just say so below, and which you are the most exited for

  • HYPE
  • Meh

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  • Hemlet
  • Tomahawk
  • Staff

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That helmet just looks awkward to me. I would have preferred an actual full face helmet instead of that. Just my opinion though.

Yeah and like a fluff thingy at the top (picture):

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im hoping that the staff will boost my magicy powers and make the boom boom more like explosion bam. also the warrior sword looks like a smoother wooden sword.

Well I don’t think the sword is new, its just the bronze one.

oh I just don’t really see the bronze sword much, the helmet is ok, looks leather

I’m guessing that helmet is called Bronze Helmet and the sword, Bronze Sword. Considering the mace and the armor were Bronze also. Hopefully future helmets don’t all look like that.

Yeah hopefully, tho idk, the devs already made it look like that so i’m not sure if they would change it.

Oh well, as long as it has better stats than the mushroom hat, I’m fine with it. After all, this is an Rpg game.

I hope they add in vanity items, like in Terraria.

Yeah or like an option to make your hat/helmet visible or not while still wearing it. That way I can still see my majestic hair while still having the stats from the helmet.

oof i have to type cause the minium is 5 characters.

Majestic hair.

Our plan for warrior helmets is to make them more and more epic the further you get in the game. They are sorta meant to start out a little lame. We will absolutely do a helmet like this one day.


Oh that sounds good. I kinda expected something like that considering we’re only at the bronze tier currently.

The weapons feel pointless. They’re just slightly better than the alternatives and it doesn’t really seem like there’s a point to them existing.

The point of the existing is to be slightly better then the previous one : /

But then why are they the same price as the previous ones? What’s the point in having the previous ones at all?

What? They are supposed to cost slightly more, not the same. (I have yet to play the update so yeah)

They’re both 8 silver.