New Enemies for Vesteria

What I would like to see is more unique enemies in areas instead of just 1 theme of enemies, what are your opinions?

Don’t worry, this will come sooner or later. Plus grinding enemies wont be everything forever, raids hyyppee.

I mean, the current system in place works seeing as how it’s an Alpha. However, I would like to see some variation of mobs in the enemy-infested zones. I’d also like to see enemies in Redwood Pass, I feel like there’s an opportunity to introduce animal-themed enemies such as wolves, elk, etc. Also a Frost Giant at the end of the path. Okay, I turned this into Skyrim, my bad.

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That would be pretty cool… I think one of the developers talked a little something about this.

Considering your title, I would like to suggest they add some more theme enemies that are probably not unique but some I would just like to suggest anyways… : rats, snakes, moths, frogs, walnuts/nuts, rocks, dragonflies/flies, zombies?? - suggesting that these all be made to be a monster…