[New Dungeon] Haunted Pirate Ship

“You enter Port Fidelio, you come across a strange man, he tells you that they found a sunken ship and it gives off a weird aura, he wants you to check it out with a party of 4 or more.”

Haunted Pirate Ship
This is My First Post on here btw so give constructive criticism
“You walk into the dungeon and see one of the Overlord’s many minions”
“I stole all of this gear from this ship buy it if ya want”
Ghostly Greatsword
+125 Weapon Attack +3 Str
Turns all paladin moves purple and gives them a very slight damage boost.
Corrupted Staff
+110 Weapon Attack and +3 Int
Makes All Healing Spells Have a dark aura
Gives +10 Healing
Spirit Daggers
+80 Weapon Attack +5 Dex
Gives the effect Double Hit
Captain’s Hat
Gives +5 Dex +5 Greed
+10 Defense
Captain’s Cloak
Costs 120 Bags of Gold
Gives +3 INT +3 VIT
Captain’s Boots
Costs 70 Bags of Gold
+2 Walkspeed +6 Jump +13 Def
Scroll of Greed(30%)
Gives +5-10 Greed and 5% of the weapons attack
If 4 greed scrolls work on a weapon the weapon gets +5 Luck

Treasure Trapper
Close range but stuns you for a second if it chomps you
Ghostly Skeleton
Whacks you and gives you a cursed effect which does slow damage until you kill it
Pirate Minions
Hold daggers and try to stab you with them
Pirate Zombies
Pirate Minions but they’re slower, green, and do more damage
Terror of The Deep
Terror of the Deep but with nerfed damage and is way faster
Pirate Captain
Summons all of the enemies from the dungeon

1.Room full of arrow traps(can be disabled or dodged)

  1. Room full of Ghostly Skeletons

4. Room full of Treasure Trapprs

5.A horde of Pirate Zombies and 2 giant Pirate Zombies all attack you at once

6.Harder Obby

  1. You find a dead Terror of the Deep in the corner of the room it suddenly glows a purple aura and starts attacking you

8.You come into a room with gold scattered throughout the room and a Giga Giant Treasure Trapper

  1. The final room, You approach the leader of the dungeon, The Pirate Captain, a Necromancer who can make anything come to life all the enemies of the dungeon spawn and attack you.

This sounds like a pretty cool idea.

So many awesome raid ideas, but ber chooses to make us fight a totem

I really hope they add more stuff into pirate themed whether it be a raid or an island or better yet the ocean…

Hmm…I really love the theme and the dungeon seems extremely well thought out.

This seems nice, but I would switch the terror of the deep with a kraken

huh, I wonder what double hit does.

Idk how to explain it really but its essentially you use double slash put with 2 daggers and if you didnt have double slash it would automatically give it to you. The daggers would have really bad range to make up for how op that effect is.