New Dunes Dagger!

So, I think there should be a new dagger added to Vesteria. Something from Dunes. As you know, there are literally no droppable daggers in Whispering Dunes at the moment, only Shattersun, Terul’s Talon, and the Savage Shank. Yes there are 3 droppable bows but they all have good qualities. Sand Ravaged has a 10% crit chance, Dustwurm has AOE (acid) and Auktufiti’s Ballista has amazing damage. Talon is only good at night, Shattersun is useless against bandits due to only dealing extra damage to ‘non-human’ mobs, and ever since the Savage Shank got a big nerf (which was needed) it’s useless. All of the bows have a good use but we need something else. If you do add another dagger it’d indirectly buff trickster and assassin who both need a little more dps. Trickster is honestly pretty terrible compared to everything else. People seek bows over daggers currently and daggers are incredibly undervalued. There’s literally no one anyone wants to do with daggers.

Instead of the generic poison theme scorpions use, why not integrate some new mechanic? Something like debuffs. I think this has a lot of potential if Vesteria were to make a newer dungeon format that requires a certain degree of cooperation. One of the things that is odd about this dagger is that it may have lower weapon attack, but it introduces something known as “true damage” that you see in many other games. This means that it would have a higher pay off against higher armored mobs (just like Sarakis).

Here are some ideas for a new dagger:
-Name - Saraki’s Stinger (Hyouri)
- Dropped from Deathstings since they only have a low drop rate for beetles
-Erosion - Decreases the defense of the enemy by 10% every hit, 3% on mini bosses, 1% on bosses such as Yeti, SQ, and Mo Ko Tuaa. Caps out at a reasonable %. Maybe around 20% or so. (Hyouri)
-A projectile thrown from the dagger that slows it down or a 15% slow buff on the mob being hit. (Me, Abraxxian)
-Swinging while airborne makes you float for a little bit (cap4o)
-Longer shun-po, extra distance (just like sun-scorched branch)
-Explosive knives, maybe something like the Acidic Arrows (win206)
-Shunpo leaves behind a dark trail that prevents enemies from going over it or does damage to enemies that step over/on it, wouldn’t work on bosses. (BrodyEnderman)
-+10% crit chance (win206)

There are many more possibilities for cool abilities for a new dagger, these are just some and I think the Vesterian community and devs would come up with some really cool ideas.

Love these ideas. However, I disagree that the nerfed Savage Shank is useless/worthless. I’m gonna make a post over in #gameplay-improvements:gameplay-balance, will put link in this post after its made.

Another idea for a perk is that shunpo applies a mark for a short amount of time and if you use you next ability when the mark is active you deal extra DMG. Not sure how but maybe increases crit rate or next ability does 2x DMG.

Use the Shunpo, then switch to Savage Shank and Execute. OP.

Two words: fire dagger

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