New Currency (filter text)

New Currency is coming.
Let’s talk about that. (insert good mythical morning music)

There seems to be like silver coins and copper coins
and I think there will be gold coins

There also seems to be decimals in there too.

So. Thoughts?

2.4 Silver Just Means 2,400 Copper…

What if it’s Silvato and not Silver :thinking:

the currency? it’s called mushcoins. if you kill an enemy in the open-demo place and kill an enemy they drop the new currency which is called mushcoins (strange choice of name but whatever, idk)
1 silver coin is 1000 bronze coins and 1 gold coin is 1000 silver coins (at least I have the right to assume so)
the decimals simply mean that it costs 2.4 silver coins or 2,400 bronze coins (do you catch what I’m saying)

none of this is new information but I’m happy you are trying to find something new!

I thought 1 gold coin was 10k

1 Silver Is Obviously 1000 Copper. 1 Gold Is 1000 Silver I Think. Then 1 Gold Is 1000000 Copper.



(I hate you complete sentence)

Remember When People Duped Money So They Had Like Trillions? That Would Be 1,000,000 Gold Or If Platinum Existed Which Would Be 1,000 Gold Then A Trillion Would Also Be 1,000 Platinum.

it would appear as such
unless 1 gold coin will be 100 silver instead of 1k but at this point, nobody knows

I feel like it would make more sense if: 1 :mushroom::minidisc: = 100 :mushroom::cd: & 1 :mushroom::cd: = 100 :mushroom::dvd:

Yes I used CD disks as coin emojis. Also the last one is supposed to be copper but I now realize it looks gold still, but im too lazy to change it

With Out The Hidden Details, I Was Going To Ask Why Did You Put 100 Gold = 1 Gold. Then I Realised There Are Some Hidden Details…

lol srry

You’re right, after silver mushcoins comes gold mushcoins and i assume gold mushcoins are in the millions.
(taken from Vesteria discord emojis)

you could just play the game and see for yourself how once you get 1000 bronze coins you get 1 silver coin