New Cosmetic - Sashimono

This Accessory will not cost ROBUX, so it isn’t a p2w.

In short, I believe that when goblins are added, they should have banners should be a super rare drop that people are able to obtain through battle.

I think this would be good for the game because people would spend more time grinding for something other than leveling up and crafting a better weapon.

Also, it would have an appealing cosmetic item that you don’t have to receive by completing an obby. (Shots fired)

Here is an example of one;

What other accessories can you think of, that can relate to the things that are already ingame?

Looks f a n c y

so like a cape or a back accessory?

I say that people should be able to buy cosmetics in a robux shop, only the cosmetics are incredibly expensive. Probably around 5k per cosmetic, I’d say thats fair. The cosmetics should also be totally useless, like do absolutely nothing.

5k ROBUX??? for a cosmetic???

mhm, so there rare. The more expensive and pointless an item, the more people will want it lol

I disagree with this.