New combat skills! (analysis) V2

before you start shouting at me, yes I know that this was (at this point) already a day ago, but I got nothing better to do so deal with it.
‘‘today’’ we got some new juicy leaks about some new combat abilities for warrior and Hunter. Let’s start with Hunter:


in this clip from the discord we can see the default character throwing daggers at a target (and hitting a bullseye), but did you notice that Polymorphic was aiming above the bullseye? my prediction? the dagger throw will work the same way as the rock throw (who would have expected this?).

Next up on the list is the warrior:

analysis but for warrior

as you can see from this gif, the warrior is getting a run-jump-slash attack.
While this doesn’t appear to have anything hidden behind it this attack will either be a great way to initiate combat or it will knock back the enemy and give you time to plan out your next move
both of the options will be useful anyways.

that’s it for me! I hope I didn’t just waste 5 minutes of your life and if that is so, be sure to drop a like :wink:

yes I know I made another post identical to this one but the comments there were a mess so I made another one

Only 90s kid will remember

lol I had the same idea about the hunters skill being just like the rocks but who knows maybe it could be something different :man_shrugging:

I do like the new warrior skill and it looks great but I think it is pretty generic compared to the other attack. I don’t know if it will do more or less damage but I sure hope it does more and also knocks players back like you suggested @Phoenix. With the hunter’s dagger throw it seems like it’ll throw farther (hopefully) so that they can maybe do sneak attacks from a hidden spot. It could also inflict a bleeding sort of effect on enemies so they take damage over time, I feel like that’d be a good improvement. The next mage move should also be out soon if they just finished a new move for warrior and hunter so that’ll be good to analyze as well.

We’ll be messing around with how knife-throw works. If it comes out underwhelming or too much like a rehashed rock throw I’d like to make the ability apply a brief slow of 30% to the enemy it hits.

I was given an idea by the forums for an ability I’ll be implementing shortly, and it’ll work something like this:

  • the hunter holds their dagger out and quickly dashes forward, damaging all enemies in a line with their dagger.

Additionally the Warrior ability will temporarily knock-up all enemies hit and this will reset their attack timers (but will NOT cancel attacks that are hitting).