New Classes Sub-Sub-classes

Really cool idea! I had been toying with it for a while. Glad someone went ahead and did it. But I feel like with the current direction of the game, I feel like items would be a really good way of granting these abilities, instead of making sub-sub classes

I mean then why make a forums post in the first place? In all honesty I think this is a bad post and no need because of low effort like most of your posts. It’s just wasting our time if you don’t put time in on your part.

The World, STOP TIME

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Yeah I doubt this is gonna happen, if anything the chrono mage would’ve been the advancement for sorcerer or cleric but we all know that’s not how advancements are gonna go anymore. I don’t think something like this will ever be in the game and it’s a pretty common concept for a mage class anyway. Kinda pointless post.

This guy probably just finished Jojo’s part 3 and then this idea popped into his head.

Isn’t it part 2? Also, this guy’s posts are really low effort and not though out most of the time.

[i havent watched jojo lol]

Yea like that spam post

The main appearance of Za Warudo is part 3


i already think mages are overpowerd. if they werent, i would love this, but they have ben given soooo many abilitys that are really good. i like the shadow failmy idea though. the shadow things is calles simulacrum btw. idk if you know this but simulacrum is getting removed from warlocks, so this would most likley not be added.
but yes good idea you got a vote from me(beacuse its creative)

How are mages overpowered…

Knights are basically invincible
Beserkers are pure dps
Paladins run the Vesterian Space Program (Paldadins balanced tho, kinda)

Assassin’s have high burst damage
Rangers, no need to talk about them
Tricksters, they’re balanced

Sorcerers have a large AoE move going for them and that’s it
Clerics are decent but their healing isnt as good as subs
Warlocks are decent as well but have no AoE

uh, try sqr as a trickster, with a cleric in ur party
tho i do see ur point. take in account dex bomb, sonic bomb, and webbed staff together, OVERPOWERD
also astro staff OVERPOWERD
also the cooldown on things SO MUCH FASTER THAN OTHER SUBCLASSES

There won’t technically be subclasses with the AP system but… time magic does sound very cool. I like additional elements outside of the typical ones like fire, ice etc.

how should i change theese to make them more balanced

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idk, these are cool. they are balanced, but im just saying that it would probabaly give mages an advantage if this were added, so it should be added to ALL classes. you got my vote easy
just mabe add this type of thing for other classes too(you dont have to if you dont want to)

I’ll do it :D* i love making classes

k :+1:

Updated :slight_smile:

SubSub classes shouldnt exist only amultets and enchantments