New Class and sub classes

Hello, so we were talking on discord server about new class… I have some free time on my hands, so I made this little drawing with possible class and sub class, let me know what you think.

  • Good Idea, I like it and want to see it in the future.
  • Bad idea, I don’t like it and don’t want to see it in the future.

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Better quality

This has potential.

The ideas are ok but I don’t think we need an entirely new class and subclasses right now. I’d rather have development go towards things such as new content like the stuff berezza’s been mentioning.

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Really appreciate the effort and thought you put into this artwork. Keep in mind that the classes in Vesteria are meant to be factions with meaningful impact on the world, and that have a reason to exist in the places they occupy.


They could have a temple that they can protect. The place can have soul-like monsters

Wdym by temple? Please elaborate.

Something like Shaolin Temple.

I mean what impact would this have upon vesteria? I mean the warriors, Mages and hunters all have something major. What would these guys have?

What do you mean by impact? They could be martial artists that protect Vesteria from bad spirits.

Sure I guess? I’ll let other people see this post and decide if this is a good idea. In my opinion it has some really nice drawings and could be cool.

Thanks sire!

I would love to have a bard class


Terraria thorium mod noises

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In all honesty, I would love a Martial Arts faction. It would be incredibly awesome.

I actually really like this idea. The monk kinda just looks like a cleric, but the werewolf looks awesome. Maybe instead of a brawler you could put in an animal trainer that uses animals and monsters to attack? A whole new faction and subclass is kinda a lot, but I think we need a more monster/animal faction anyways. Great idea, keep up the good work!!!

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Why not have this faction based around animals and have them protect wildlife and nature? I think a temple deep in a forest would be a good idea for this faction.

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kung fu panda noises

I would rather have a sort or martial art faction than a furry faction.

The idea is promising, but I don’t think a new class is needed at the moment. There are already three major classes; the Hunters, Warriors and Mages. This idea is also impractical since you can put Monk in the Hunter class, the Brawler in the Warrior class and the Werewolf in the Mage class.

This could be the same as a gunslinger, as it can be added to the ranger subclass line instead of being its own class.

IMHO Werewolf would fit the most as a Hunter, being more quick-attacking; even though it self heals, this isn’t necessarily a mage-exclusive thing (Mages and warriors both already have healers anyways).

Monk would do better as a Mage subclass since Monks in fiction/fantasy often mix magic into their attacks.

Brawler fits with warrior for obvious reasons.

Although, I personally would rather see the whole Martial Artist as its own class, as I feel that, with 4 classes and 3 subclasses each, we could see more diversity in the mid-game (levels 10-30 as players haven’t unlocked subclasses yet) since there are 4 different classes rather than 3. Plus, changing from Mage, Warrior or Hunter to a Martial Artist subclass would probably not work well with Stats and Skills.

Stats would work differently with these classes, more than likely, since weapons won’t be used. Same with skills; all the Warrior, Mage, and Hunter skills become obsolete as players choosing these subclasses no longer use the same types of weapons.

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