New City expanse that connects from Whispering Dunes

Greetings fellow Vesterians and people alike,

A while ago I came up with the idea of a **new town/city that connects from Whispering Dunes**. This may seem like a bad idea, but to my childish brain it sounds cool.

There would be a gate like entrance (like the ones used in the gauntlet or the entrances to nilgarf) with a couple of spread guards patrolling the front gate. It would probably be located at some end of Whispering Dunes.

The city would have some kind of “Arabian vibe” to it, or so to speak carpets and cloths hanging from windows and strings, desert like structures, and a royal palace at the center of the area, where some grand quest could take place, like a grand search quest to “find a princess’s priceless heirloom” or “save the princess from some thieves”. Including this may seem a little point less, but a lot of the story line could advance from this, for example more “evidence” or “information” about Terul and what his motives are.

(Best image I could find that showed what I was talking about)

As for mobs, some bandits or a “bandit leader” could be hiding out somewhere in the map, for example a hidden hideout or cave. As for mobs, bandits could randomly spawn in places outside of the city. There would also be castle guards that have more of an Arabian theme to them as well (with the whole tan scarf and tan/rusted orange look).

If my idea seems bonkers, please let me know what could be improved.

Cool idea but shall it lead a class :thinking:

It may be the hideout of the assasins.


Not really sure yet.

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All sounds epic to me. Could use a few fixes, but should be added. BUT what to add in the city itself… hmm…

Warriors need something before this or mages, hunters already got dunes and forsaken.

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Cool idea. Kinda getting assassin’s creed vibes. Possibly a city for the assassins?

Lightstrin, city of lights and worshipers of Vesra.

I hope a winter map comes next

Yes, personally I like a dark forest idea someone said or a light vs dark type theme.

I feel like there should be an Aladdin vibe, and there could be a hideout for the forty thieves. And you have to be one of the 40 best assassin’s to enter.

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We don’t need more scallop or Hunter related connections

HELL YEAH do that >:3

I got Aladdin vibes reading this idea too.

This idea seems pretty neat.
However, there is a semi-large number of issue that I feel need to be addressed:

  1. Terul doesn’t really fit to me, Tal-rey would be a better fit IMO.
  2. I’d love to see some sort of efreet added, maybe like Vincent in Nilgarf but better/more accurate for a higher price. To me, no Arabic setting is complete without a genie or two.
  3. Add a merchant or three that sells various items like Turbans, Desert Robes, etc., and also sell the more “vibrant” colors of dyes for Eythr (red, green, yellow). See further down for expansion on this.

There are 3 teirs of Turbans and Desert Robes: Wool, Cotton, and Silk
Wool is the cheapest, costing 450S per piece. A Wool Turban reduces the effect of the sun in the Dunes by 1/6. A Wool Desert Robe reduces the effect by 1/3.
Cotton is the middle tier, costing 850S per piece. A Cotton Turban reduces the effect by 1/4. A Cotton Desert Robe reduces the effect by 1/2.
Silk is the highest and most expensive teir, costing 1.6G per piece. A Silk Turban reduces the effect by 1/3. A Silk Desert Robe reduces the effect by 2/3.