New Chat Bubbles?!

Hey everyone!
This sneak peek was just recently posted on the Discord.
What’s everyone’s thoughts on the addition of Chat Bubbles?

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It fits well with Vesteria. :sunny:

I’m just curious what the heck the middle one is.

It’s Latin. I tried to translate it but I didn’t really get anything interesting. :confused:

Yea, I did the same thing and got complete nonsense.

Yeah I couldn’t figure it out also

I think they’re really good and fits more well too.

Yeah something seems wrong here :thinking:

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I Like The New Chat Bubbles.

i think the new chat bubbles look snazzy.

They look really nice :open_mouth:

@Griddy @TheOfficialSin @YujiPlayz Lorem Ipsum is template text used for showcasing graphical elements. It has no meaning.

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this looks cool

i think the new chat bubbles look amazing :grin:

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don’t judge me I need this for a badge k bye

Ahahahah… I Did The Same Thing…

omg I need to do the same thing

Has the mystery been solved?

cough Definitely not doing this for the badge… cough

It’s template text. Mystery solved.