New character won't load, first time playing game

So, i recently bought the game. And when i opened it and tried to make a character[this is my first character] it just keeps hanging on a loading bar for where I just clicked. I’m not sure where this actually goes. So i put it where it may slightly fit.

@berezaa, might want to look into this. Seems like a major problem for new characters.

Where would i go about telling them?

They will notice this post since it is in #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports.

thank you. I actually made an account just to report on this.

Well, welcome to the forums, have a nice stay.

Hope this gets resolved soon.

Was this ever resolved? I am stuck at the loading screen, too.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Where are you getting stuck? At the main menu? After the starting cutscene? Are you a Mac user?

I’m seeing a lot of teleport errors on my console, might just be Roblox acting up. Does the issue eventually resolve itself?

I am an iOS user and play on mobile but the bug is a bit different. So basically whenever I travel between maps it’s basically “stuck” on that loading screen. Also when I reset or die my screen freezes forcing me to rejoin.

As of right now I cannot escape or leave redwood pass without getting my screen stuck between traveling to farmlands and warrior stronghold.

I’m on Android. I get through character creation (brand new user), then I get to the screen where it says all the resources were loaded (something to that effect), but it just says “loading” constantly in the upper right corner. I can click a button to start a new game, then it just hangs up where it says the thing about entering a town or village. I can’t remember what it’s called and don’t have the game handy, sorry.

Oh, and no, the issue does not resolve itself. I’ve not been able to play at all.