New Boss, Enemies, Items, and Place

So i had some ideas for new items and bosses. Let me start off with some items.
Mage - Satans Staff
Warior - Hell Hammer - Flaming Pitchfork
Hunter (i think?) - Devil’s Dagger - Flaming Pitchfork
(i actully didn’t try to make these each start with the same letters lol)
Crimson Red Dye
Dark Angels
How to get to hell
So once you get to the farm place with scarecrows, you go under a rock or something and you fall. then you end up there.
droppings from The boss and eneimes
Dark Angel - Poison arrows - When shot they do damage every second. And Dark bow.
Demon - Demon horn, Evil Eye. (RARE 2% CHANNCE OF DROPPING) Flaming Pitchfork.
Satan - Satan Staff - Devils dagger - Hell Hammer, Flaming pitchfork.
Dropping rates
Satan Staff, Hell Hammer, Devil’s Dagger (all 10%) (ONLY FROM SATAN)
Flaming Pitchfork 1% from devil 20% Satan.
Crimson Red dye - 40% from satan
Demon Horn, Evil eye- 30%
Dark Bow - 10% Poison arrow 40%
Satans Staff, Devils dagger, and Hell hammer, And flaming pitchfork each sell for 30 silver.
Demon Horn 80 mushcoin. Evil eye 70 mushcoin.
Crimson red dye - 1 silver.
Posion Arrow - 30 mushcoin
Dark bow - 5 silver

Level requirements
I guess you can decide that.

The Dark angel would be a flying mob. Shooting arrows at you. It’d be complety Black. Sometimes (VERY RARE) There will be a red Angel That has a 100% drop chance of the bow.
Devil- Ya know what a devil looks like.

If my ideas make it into the game, i would like to be credited and have a GOOD IDEA gift
Good idea gifts are given too pepole who make good ideas.


My username is ThunderBoltYT2

PS- SORRY FOR REPOSTING i want everyone to see this. I worked hard.

@berezaa look at this.

New enemies have their own special topic for thought out enemies that you want to see: Vesteria Monster Brainstorm

Also fixed grammar in the title

Demon - Can throw pitchfork and stab with pitchfork
Red with glowing eyes face. hooves as feet and no shadow. will fight with other demons. Horns, you know the cleshe demeon.
Level is abt 25 - 30

Dark Angel - Flying enemy. Will fly around shoots at other Dark Angels completely black, Black wings, NOT BLACK SMOKE. Imagine an angel, just black. There will be a red varriant (VERY RARE 0.50% CHANCE OF SPAWNING) Drops dark bow 100%
level - 30 - 31


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that’s alright, just take this as an opportunity to learn from.

I like the idea, and the thought that has gone into it.
However this would have to be very far into the endgame for it to fit Vesterias current world

yeah, and thank you :slight_smile: