New boar leak! (analysis)

yes I know I am late but shut up. timezones are dumb
No doubts you have seen the new boar ‘‘leak’’ but here are some things you might have missed

as you can see, the guy ON the boar has a HELMET and some iron armour
this means that we are getting A) helmets as armour and B) new armour
of course, the boar is almost fully painted red which could indicate either the addition of mounts or pets (or just background NPCs to stand next to warrior NPCs in the new castle map)

just wanted to share this information with everybody since this is some big stuff and I’m just too hyped for this weeks playtest!

The boar being painted red might have to do with it being a Warrior-only mount, hence the Warrior flag in the background. The iron armor and helmet might also be exclusive to the Warrior class.

Edit: the Warrior flag is ATTACHED to the boar. The warriors also live in a snowy cold castle, a bit like Valhalla where the fallen vikings warriors every day ate the flesh of a BOAR! I’d say it’s 100% confirmed.

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the armour part might be true since warrior does need some stronger armour to stay at the front
the warrior HQ map was already leaked so putting 2 + 2 isn’t had (yes the boars will live there)
but idk about the mount part… they said that they would add mounts but it wasn’t going to be soon

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I wonder if the boar is going to be a mount then if there are any skills involving the mount or attacks :thinking:



10 character minimum? more like “should be 5”

the iron armour should be bigger so it doesn’t only cover half of the chest

What do you mean? The higher level armors in all video games always show more skin because that’s logic for you :smiley:

I guess xd

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