New anti exploit update

I used to try to use hacks and that sort, so this anti-exploit update would have once crushed my soul, but since I don’t use exploits anymore, this update shouldn’t affect me, yay, not . It does affect because I use auto clickers so I can at least partially enjoy the grind, but FYI devs: if your game was more than spamming the mouse, people wouldn’t use auto clickers. Take a game like zealous fighter for example, it’s and alpha stage game that is all about fighting monsters, but if you spam in that game then your guaranteed to lose because your stamina runs out and you don’t even do much damage, instead, you have to do combos to do lots of damage then run away for a few seconds to regenerate stamina. But I’m not suggesting that swinging a sword takes stamina, (but if you do decide to do that, then please make a stamina bar for fighting only else vesteria would be very hard), instead add a combo system in, or attack windows, or something so I don’t feel like using a auto clicker. Don’t make a spamming simulator, make a game that people can be satisfied with just the way it is.
P.S. I am totally against exploits now so please don’t think im being lazy, and vesteria is coming along quite nicely.

yea the game right now is just spamming mouse which some people might like (for the simplicity) but it gets boring pretty fast…

they need to add more stuff to do other then just click

If you get banned, its your problem. Its clear that you shouldn’t be using an auto clicker. If you don’t like the game, don’t play it.

I didn’t get banned

I also like the game, and I know it’s in alpha so I should expect this, but I want to make sure it isn’t just spamming simulator.

this is also not a auto-clicker simulator


We Know That Though.

omg you use exploits reporteddd