New 5th stat "Faith"

Hi, welcome to my post! I spent a lot of time writing it. I hope you like it.

After seeing all of the game design issues in vesteria, I realized that there isn’t much a player can do to spec into a support role besides using certain classes and certain items.
Introducing Faith.

Faith would act as a stat that increases the power of your support abilities, while also giving you a bonus to holy damage. (More on that later).

Holy damage is a unique kind of damage modifier. Rather than just increasing damage with spells that are modified by it, half of your holy damage multiplier is converted into a secondary stat known as “Faith power” which provides bonuses to support spells.
If you had 80 strength, you would have a 40% physical damage multiplier. If you had 80 faith, you would have a holy damage multiplier of 20% and a faith power multiplier of 20%.

Although the faith stat may convert some of your spells into support-related spells, not all of them will be direct healing spells. While an assassin’s shadow flurry might use the clones in order to apply bandages to an ally, a trickster’s prism trap might shoot out a pulse which applies a decaying overshield that allows you to survive hits. The warlock that casts dark ritual might be able to split their mana bar in half and share it with allies.

These are just some examples, and the ability changes that a subclass gains from faith would remain thematically appropriate for the class. Faith power would effect spells that already provide healing or support capabilities by empowering them further. Your regular spells would all be replaced with variants that scale off of holy damage.

Spells effected by faith would be a lot like flare. They would feature an incredibly large AOE and support capabilities, at the cost of the damage output that your holy damage lacks compared to physical and magical damage. Intelligence would be differentiated further from faith, and focus more on the “Giant mana explosions” side of things.

All of the proposed healing perks and ability effects that vitality has, would be removed entirely or moved to faith. As fun as it would be to play as a knight that has thousands of health and can instantaneously heal it all back up, that kind of gameplay style simply wouldn’t work with faith. By allowing faith users to support their teammates more, vitality would fall into it’s identity of the stat for a large health pool and the ability to take more damage before dying, and would synergize better with faith.

I really do like this idea. If the Faith stat is implemented then some or most of the stat perks may need a rework which may take some time. So it is highly unlikely for this to be added anytime soon.

Also, all your ideas are very good and well thought out. I truly believe that Vesteria can have this fit in perfectly.


I really like this idea, its more so on the side of versa. Would there be a terul counterpart?

I was thinking about that too. Perhaps increasing your Faith points depends on what faction you’re on.

So investing those points as a Terul follower will give you a dark-type aura when using your abilities?

would be cool if you had the choice to take away some faith for terul subclasses

First of all, it should probably be FAI because all the others are the first the letters of the word.

Secondly, I can see where you are going with this idea, but I am struggling to see what it would do in the game. It would be essentially useless for classes such as cleric or paladin, because they would already have aoe healing moves, and wouldn’t need more, and I cannot see anyone who chooses assassin, a high damage low health class, wanting to invest in something that removes the damage from their skills if they didn’t want to be a support class in the first place.

Last, but certainly not least, I cannot understand the purpose of this as a stat. Every other stat increases something basic, and adds hidden stat point interactions to certain moves. From what you are describing, it appears to buff holy magic, something only obtainable after you get to that hsi of your moves being holy magic.

What I think could make this idea better is to not make it a stat. Make it something more like stamina, where you can get a small amount of it from other stats, and certain items give more. On the flip side, you could make it like a scroll, but instead of for items, for certain moves. For example, you would obtain an object that allows you to make one of your moves a support move. A class like assassin could choose to make one of the skills they doesn’t use often into a healing move for other players, while keeping their high damage. Both of these ideas would make it easier for early game players who want to go this route, while also giving it a place where it won’t completely change a classes play style.

I do really like the idea of faith, I just think it needs from changes from what you are suggesting now.

Those moves would be further empowered, or completely changed by other stats.

Holy damage is only obtainable from faith and only works on faith-effected abilities because you can still benefit from faith power, which is the main draw of it. Think of it as if you convert 1/2 of your damage bonus into healing. The faith power is your equivalent to stat features like the attack speed from dexterity, and the holy damage is the equivalent of block chance or mana capacity.

A paladin might scale off of holy damage by default, but STR or INT would change that with ability interactions. Even if an assassin or a trickster statted everything into faith, they would still be getting a great damage bonus on top of powerful healing and support capabilities that could keep them in the fight and allow them to dish out more damage.

The goal of the faith stat would be to make it so that different subclasses could all serve as their own support role. Clerics could go full-on healer, and their healing spells might benefit in other ways than just a simple heal. Rangers could stay far away from the fighting, and heal their allies and hit their enemies with healing bolts that travel at a slow pace but heal allies and gain momentum and bonus damage upon healing an ally.

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You said that “Holy damage is only obtainable from faith and only works on faith-effected abilities”, but what abilities would be considered ‘faith effected’. I can see a cleric or paladins moves being this, but they already have support abilities, and wouldn’t need it. On the flip side, I don’t see (for example) assassins shadow flurry being a faith ability. This would also be a hinderance to faith users, because they would loose the stats needed to increase the strength of their attacks in order to make some of them used for a specific purpose.

I also don’t think that other classes need support abilities. I mean, people that want to support can be paladins, clerics, and knights. If you choose another subclass, it means you don’t want to be a support class, because you chose a class without supporting moves.

Every ability would be effected by holy damage, provided that more than 50% of your points are on faith which would convert them into holy ability variants, like strength and dexterity do to blink and magic bomb respectively. This is done with bows in the game already, where having a high amount of intelligence changes your basic attack to scale off of intelligence instead of strength.

Isnt Holy Magic being removed later? I would edit that out

Mostly For cleric cool idea tho!

call it FAT and I’ll approve of it :clown_face:

Considering how many classes have support abilities, no, this isn’t exclusively for cleric. Prism trap roots enemies in place so they can be recklessly attacked, all 3 warrior subclasses have cross-player buff abilities, knight has an ability that gives enemies negative damage reduction, stingtail staff does that too and so forth.

Just because a prism trap shot out an overshield or a flurry healed players closeby doesn’t mean that the ability would do no damage.

Faith would effect every ability in the game, and still make them viable options for dealing damage! A cleric could still go for intelligence or dexterity and have great support capabilities. A faith cleric would emphasize on them.

Ah ty for the reply

I made something similar a while ago,

Yes, turn vesteria into DS, cant wait to make a poise build