Need help understanding guilds

I know what a guild is but I don’t what the point of them are, how to join them, and any other information. If you have any information thanks!

Guilds are currently just fan groups of Vesteria. There is no bonus or anything special from joining a guild.

Later in Vesteria development, guilds will become more prominent in Vesteria’s community, and will have bonuses.

Currently, you can join a guild by asking their leader for the Discord code.


I recommend Protectors of the Mushroom, they are a very active and accepting group!

Guilds right now are just groups of people that you can join. You can meet fellow players to party up with, discuss about the game, and overall have fun with.



@Bean602 If only we had a list of all the active guilds and their Discord links?!

you should make a forum page for that or I will

hes asking how guilds work, not what ones are active

Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if he had a list of all the guilds to look at! Or to use to join! Like how he asked how to join them!

To which was answered!

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