Need Help on Mage Build

I currently maxed out my Warrior build and now I am playing as a mage. How many stat points do I put in INT?

Depends on your subclass

Depends on what subclass your planning on going for. Sorcerers usually go for maxed INT; while with Clerics, you want to put 70 points into DEX for more bombs. I don’t have much experience on Warlocks, but I think they’re skills stack off of VIT.

Why 50 dex? It only gives 1 extra bomb for 35 dex and 2 extra for 70 dex.

50 Dex gives an extra arrow for Rangers, I thought it was the same…

There’s a reason why everyone says rangers are op.

It is insane, and I wish it can be nerfed as soon as possible so I can do SQR and other bosses again for the loot and the fun instead of just for fun (Which is little, to tell you now).

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Thank you. I bumped my post.