Need help obtaining the mushroom hat? Here is a guide to get it!

So I recently ran into the mushroom forest and spot a player with a mushroom hat in the mushroom forest, out of curiosity I had asked him where he got that neat ol hat, and he told me, “The tallest tree”, and I was like, . . . okay? Later on more people had asked where other people got the mushroom hat, eventually leading to a spot on the forest where all you see are players attempting to get the hat, but recklessly running into the mushrooms and flying out into space. It had took me a while myself to get said hat, endlessly bouncing far off into the corners of the map and running back and attempting it again. Once I got the hang of it, I decided, I hated this. I dont want other people to suffer what I had to go trough to get the thing. So I figured out the pin point spots on where to jump, and every successful attempt at landing at those spots, I would 100% land on that tree house. But enough talk, lets get down to buisness.

First off I want to show where to even find the spot everyone is talking about, its not far from spawn, so i drew arrows leading the the location.

This is from spawn. Follow the arrows on where to go and you will find the area.

Once you see a tall orange mushroom, follow it.

You will them find a smaller orange spot. Thats it! Theres the spot!

When you arrive at the area, you will find a ditch full of mushroom, find the pinkish reddish looking mushroom and get yourself into position. As you can see, the mushroom forms into a peak. IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LAND RIGHT IN THAT PEAK POINT! ONE SLIP UP AND YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!
If you do not land on this spot, you will bounce every other direction from where you are trying to land next, the orange mushroom. I highlighted the area in red. That red dot is where you have to land.

Next, I recommend using your sprint to get to that point. Im good at obbies, so I have a high chance of landing it the first time, but Im not perfect, I had difficulty while testing what Im saying is true, and its true, you just have to be good to land on it. Dont get frustrated if you cant make it the first time.

Next, once done correctly, you will fly straight into the air, high enough to land onto your next target, the orange mushroom. I had times where I would fly a lot farther than the trees itself, so it was unusual for that to happen. But before you do that, you have to know where to land next on the orange mushroom. It is just as important to do so as the first, or you will bounce even FARTHER than you were trying to go.

Remember when I mentioned how the mushrooms shape leads into a peak? Yeah, its the same idea for the orange mushroom too, there is a specific spot out of the 5 sides of the mushroom on where you have to land, I indicated where with a black X.

Your next spot is to land here, you cant land any where but here, because that will result in you being in a bad angle and miss the tree house. Once you jump on the center of the red mushroom, it is your job to land on the X on the orange mushroom. If you succeed, you will fly another high distance and you will see the tree house. That is your next target.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE YOUR SPRINT WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO LAND TOWARDS THE TREE HOUSE OR YOU WILL NOT GET ANYWHERE! It is important to strafe towards the tree house while sprinting. If you don’t you will most likely never reach it. You should reach your destination.

And tada! You made it! Now go inside and grab your well deserved mushroom hat!


I hope this little guide helps! Any advice? Something you did differently? Did I miss something or make any flaws? Thanks for reading!


yo this is actually a really nice and instructional post, we need more posts like this rather than people obviously trying to up their post/comment count


Thanks, it took me about an hour or more getting everything down, I never made a post like this before. But when I see people struggling and talking about it in the area, and I knew how to do it, why not go out of my way and make a guide you know?

This is a great guide and I know it will be extremely useful to many people. (also I linked ppl to this for my guide Ooooo Shinyyy! (Guide to Chests) because I couldn’t explain it better than this.)

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Thanks for this.

I didn’t even know about this being a thing, but because someone mentioned the forum post in the chat I checked and luckily I found it. Thanks for making such a useful post for the community to use.

Which treehouse is the right one?

E: nvm i just got it, thanks for the guide dude

This guide is awesome, I will redirect any person who needs a guide on the mushroom hat here.

Congratulations @Glydewell, being the first person to get 10 likes on a single post who isn’t berezaa! Well deserved for this helpful guide.

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i’ve been trying for over 1 hour and it’s literally impossible for me

If you have low DEX it might be a struggle, but if you have a class movement skill it can help a lot.

i have 12 dex though
the red mushroom part is literally impossible if i land on the part thats in the picture i get thrown away

Are you confusing yourself with the other red mushroom? Try jumping to the center of the pinkish looking mushroom if that is the case. Maybe the time of day obscures the center of the pinkish mushroom. You can’t assume you’re jumping at the center if you cannot see the peak of the mushroom. I have 0 dex when I had made this guide and got my mushroom hat. I returned to the server, still with 0 dex, and still made it to the tree house fine, maybe you’re making small, yet crucial mistakes when attempting this, but other than that I wouldnt know what the problem is :thinking:

I’ll Just Mention That You Can Just Upright Hit The Part Where All The Sides Meet, I Know This As I’ve Gotten Up 3 Times In A Way By Using The Same Method I Just Stated.

Very detailed and helpful guide! Props to you!:hushed:

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Thank you so much for this! Honestly took me a half an hour to accomplish this, but It wouldn’t have been for this helpful tutorial/ guide you made. <3


Moment of truth…

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Congrats lol, I saw you were having trouble getting it in the Discord.

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aa TYSM for this :smiley:

saving the alpha community some time
feel free to bump other guides like How to get Fishing Rod, etc. if you want

i swore there was a feature where i could bump a topic without replying to it