Name idea for the hunter port city

I watched the stream replay today, and I though about a fitting name of the hunter port city.

My name idea is Port Fidelio. It has no relevants results on google, and sounds very “tropical”!



that is… actually really good

we need berezaas opinion on this goddamit!

Fidelio was a type of Opera in the 1800’s. Personally, I don’t see the correlation for a port city, unless it had a theater maybe.

I had no idea. I got it from an obscure spanish mens’ name. I also thought of Port Fidello, pronounced approx. “Fidejo”.

why not just call is “Port City” Or “City Port” or if you want to get really fancy… “The Port City”

because it’s a plain and boring name unlike Nilgarf

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My hunter port city name is fraglin which is nilgarf spelled backwards