My visit to the 7th dimension ( anchored objects being force moved by gravestones )

Committing death-pacito on anchored physics objects will cause them to ascend to the metaphysical state and violently shift in and out of existence occasionally hitting the player and pushing them through stuff, in my case pushing me through the ground into a strange place

Oh, that’s the underwater cave network at Farmlands! It’s a pretty nice place, accessible from a hole under the drawbridge.

Poor Sally is having a seizure :frowning:

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She had too much hay

I think sally’s just really scared of the tombstone. The farmer guy also experiences this.

edit: It doesn’t look like it, but he was shaking quite a bit, not as much at sally in the video though.
Also, the place it teleported you is an area with a chest I believe.

I dont know if I misread what you said but read the title of this topic
I know it works on all physics objects and I know its the gravestone

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That glitch happens because the Horse is occupying the same space as the gravestone, so Roblox tries to push the horse out of the gravestones collision box. An easy fix for this would to be making headstones cancollide to false, they’re also quite annoying during pvp because you get stuck on peoples headstones.

so this happendRobloxScreenShot20190807_204704517 RobloxScreenShot20190807_204725255

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I got shoved down there too…

I don’t know what happen, just know that it was happened.