My Vesteria Wishlist








What I want the most

  • Skill point reset
  • Stat point reset
  • More character slots
  • Global storage across slots
  • Level cap increase
  • Jester event

I can agree with all of those options. Great work. (Halloween event anyone?)

yes please, i would really love a halloween event. With trick or treat or something like that

I was just thinking about the horseless headless horseman appearing in Vesteria. Would he be a boss or an npc that sends you on a very special questline?

what about manless headless manhorse?


Then it would be just a horse…

no… a headless horse

wOaH sPo0kY

don’t you mean horseless headless horsemann

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Horsemann vs Horsechine

Tuefort referfence

Ok this has gone way off topic. Let’s get back on track.

aw ok

i wish for a berezaa npc

I wish for all the devs to be an npc

i wish for blazerron to be a random guild npc

I wish for RagsReverse to be a random guild npc

i wish for Meta to become viable in the meta

Jester event :drooling_face:

all these are confirmed lol
the stat/skill reset is coming with a Vincent quest, you get a reset totem for free. After that, every 5 rolls is a totem. (50s for a full stat reset!!)

more slots was talked about in 2018, I’m sure you remember those topics. (Poly said it was planned to one of them)

global storage is almost done, I’m assuming is coming in beta. Level cap increase we know is coming in Beta.

Idk what happened to the Jester event

Fat whale noob I knew that

I know. Lately, ber talked about getting more slots whenever you max one out or you can buy more with Ethyr. Players without a third slot will have that slot removed unless they already have data in that slot.

Smh I know that noob. I’m not exactly sure if a level cap increase is entirely confirmed.

It is coming sometime in June randomly, according to Poly.

toxic moderator!!! :scream:

a dev said it somewhere i forgot