My thoughts so far

I’ve played several MMOs outside of Roblox, so my thoughts will be based on my experience with them. The design of the game is focused around starting/leveling up, but long term, I’m sure some adjustments will need to be made to factor in any potential end game, raiding, PvP, etc. As with every other MMO, there will be some challenges to balance PvE and PvP.

Warrior - I don’t think Warriors should have mana for abilities. A rage or energy system would fit the class better. Rage would build from auto attacks and possibly from damage received. Other than mana issues, I feel the class is pretty well balanced between dealing damage and staying alive. Ground pound doesn’t always hit if you’re moving, even though it plays the animation and uses mana. I have also seen people complain about mages being able to kite and spam zap in PvP against Warriors. Mages have always been excellent kiters, but Warriors generally have abilities to close the gap with charges and/or stuns. Maybe in the future, something like this will be added so that Mages don’t get nerfed too hard that hurts them in PvE.

Mage - In order to grind longer and save on consumables, I spend most of my mana on Regeneration, rather than Mage spells. Even with 24 points in Int, the regen is about 3 mp/2. As you level up, regen rate decreases unless you keep spending points in Int. Long-term, this will be bad for mana regen. You’ll have more mana but less regen. This doesn’t fit with many mature MMOs. Mages are generally AoE kings, but Mana Bomb is tricky to use as it doesn’t hit at close range, negating the style of gathering mobs and AoEing them down. So for now, the most effective play-style for me is to auto-attack (some AoE) and use Regeneration to keep my health up.

Hunter - Haven’t played hunter yet, but my thoughts about mana is the same as Warrior. Hunter would be better would an energy type system. Also, when I think of hunter, I think of Bows and pets, with abilities focused on dealing damage and escaping damage. Hopefully the class will go in a similar direction as the game matures.

Consumables - With regeneration rates the way they are, the game is heavily focused on players using consumables. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but something players may need to get used to. An out-of-combat food would be a nice option to help pull some focus away from potions and fish.

Quest - I know there’s not a lot of quest, but my hope for the future will be a lot more quest that flows from one zone to another. For example, the quest you get from the city guard requires you to run through a zone, pick up the quest, and run back to the zone you just came from. The flow would be better coming from a quest-giver in that zone.

Mobs - There was a huge gap between level 7 and level 15. They closed it some with the addition of Goblins, but still a gap from 9-15, which is pretty substantial. I don’t know all the mechanics of this game, but there’s usually damage, defense, and exp penalties for fighting mobs that are too high or are too low. There’s also a gap between 15-20 but I support working on perfecting the system starting from lower levels and working up from there. The game is unsupported for levels above 20, so no need to cover 20-30 at this time. Some mobs can be kited to avoid all damage, such as Elder Shrooms (continuously walk counter-clockwise as they attack with the right foot) and spiders (they lunge, so keep moving clockwise or counter-clockwise).

Scenery - One of the best looking Roblox games I’ve seen. The only critique I’ve come across is that the trees with the square green blocks look a little weird compared to the rest of the world, but we are playing a Roblox game, so some blockiness isn’t out of the norm.


Interesting thoughts.

Building a new energy system for a specific class is pretty difficult to do, but it is a good idea. Personally, I believe warriors are a bit on the upper hand right now, because of their Combat Roll, the most powerful mobile ability by far. (This will unfortunately get nerfed in the future. Sorry warriors.) Although they are a very balanced class for the most part.

I 100% agree with you with the Mages. The mana regen decrease hurts mages very much. They are the class that is very little melee based, yet our mana doesn’t regen much which kills our ability to be offensive. Personally, I believe that Mages should have a boost to MP regen because MP is our sole use of attack. Zap is currently pretty overpowered right now… It is a 100% guaranteed hit, with no chance of being dodged. While it should be nerfed, there are currently many flaws with the class. Nerfing their primary attack would make them awful. Fix the other issues before nerfing them even harder.

Hunters are currently dagger users. Kind of like a Rogue in other RPGs. They will eventually have a “sub-class” called a Ranger that is an archer. I look forward to it, as Archery is one of my favorite ways to play besides Magic.

As far as the leveling gaps go, this is because there’s not quite content to fill that in yet. The devs are still in construction for that. Given time, there will be content for all levels.