My thoughts on rpg game

i dont usually like rpg games but hopefully this one is good and not grindy like the other ones. only good rpg ive ever played is Minecraft RPG. I just loved that game cuz there were lots of locations and a good storyline. also lots of new mechanisms unlocked at every level so it never got boring. Hopefully this game is like that to.

well Vesteria is still in its demo stage so they haven’t figured out the all kinks but as far as i have played the game is pretty grindy as of right now but it will get better

Well Yeah, It Is Still Only 15 Weeks Into The Making And They Most Likely Have Around 1 - 3 Of Content They Can Still Add In.

Most multiplayer RPG games are ‘grindy’ and I doubt this game won’t be different in the end. However, you don’t have to grind in the game, you could just simply have fun killing stuff and dying, but most people who play Multiplayer RPG games like getting 100 million gold and being level 900 with 2,000 hours on the game.

I don’t like grinding for 100 hours either, but I like RPG games.