My thoughts on Davidii's Departure From The Vesteria Team

Recently Davidii released a message in the vesteria discord letting everyone know that he was going to be leaving the team in the next month or so.

Personally, I saw this as an uplifting announcement trying to tell the entire Vesteria community to pursue their dreams. I wish the best of luck to Davidii on his journey of becoming a competitive underwater basket weaver and hope to join him on his quest someday.


its sad that davidii is leaving,
he did SO MANY CONTRIBUTIONS! (forsaken isle, dunes, etc)
i wish the beat of luck to davidii.
press F to pay respects. (joke)

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I wish you the best of luck in joining David in the big leagues.Goodluck, my man!

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He will go on to be the world’s best underwater basket weaver

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hope he dosent drown. also, its April fools guys, i dont believe this completly, tho davidii did make this post

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We will know in a month I guess.

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yea tru

wait davidii’s leaving?!? :weary:

don’t u guys realize that underwater basket weaving is a huge joke? :joy:

now he actually departed, he made subclasses work, he worked on the whispering dunes, he worked on atleast 1 quest.

u mean he got fired

That didn’t age well

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lol true.

well, he didnt acctrually leave. he got fired

Oh god… the prophecy came true probably because we memed it so much

I Fix Ze Title :clown_face:

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bro that’s not how it works
you can’t just change what the post is about

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i am sorry. i will change it back :flushed:

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