My Talon keeps lagging me every night

So I run a toaster, I have a talon, but during the night when its ability is enabled, I lag like hell. During the day, nothing happens because its ability is disabled. When this happens my fps drops more than I have gotten in Colosseum. I have went to Mushtown, the less laggy map, and when it turns night what do you expect, it makes me lag. I hope this can get fixed because I really want to use this Talon.

Are you sure it’s the talon and not just night in general?

No its the talon, if I switch my Talon to my moko dagger it completely brings my fps back to normal. I have never experienced issues where the night caused my fps to drop

dps? (Post must be at least 5 characters)

No its fps (frames per second)

I don’t get

I run a low end computer, which can be the case but I don’t see frames lowering every night except the talon

prob this is reason, I don’t have same issue

No I know plenty of people getting low fps at night (including myself)

wow, what computer?

I’m using a Macbook, but one of my friends are using an expensive gaming computer

I’m using a legion, no wonder

idk man its rlly just ur pc i have a toaster as well but for me honestly night is just as laggy as day for me with my talon equipped it has to be something other than your talon.

Finally, a mutual. People think I’m crazy blaming my talon for my fps drop spike.