My take on the much needed Vesteria gold sink


The Vesteria community is currently under a big controversy involving the discussion of a potential Data wipe, for the past couple of months i have voiced my opinion on the lack of an actual gold sink present in Vesteria and how vital for these to be an important part for any MMO thinking on the long run game, i have held several discussions on the discord channel but it should be easier to compile on a thread like this.

The state of Vesteria economy is in a pretty dire spot for multiple factors that happen to collide, from the actual player count, item drop rates, the demand for these items, amount of gold in the game, and overall just how worth it it really is to grind for said items and how this affects when marketing these to the rest of the community.

Primarily the outrage of the community comes from how massive the Cursed prices are at the moment and if you weren’t hoarding any scrolls from back then you pretty much have no shot at getting an above average weapon, the prices were largely impacted by the previously available Terror of the Deep, Hourly yeti, Spider queen dungeon and the Colosseum chests and of course bots and exploiters over the course of the months; All this gold that was added to the game just keeps circulating (and getting hoarded) and just doesn’t go away further increasing prices of the items overtime particularly for the very demanded Cursed scrolls.

Cursed scrolls at the time are locked behind drops, and most drops are locked behind Monster book further lowering the supply of cursed scroll availability of the most wanted item in the entire game, if you are not using them you are either hoarding them or selling them for outrageous amounts; Understandable ever since the game had a player drop, received monster book and overall leveling being way more difficult making it harder for newcomers to start doing Spider Queen’s Revenge, the continuous rise of the scrolls was bound to happen as they are pretty much the only way to achieve high end gear coupled with Orb removal and other scrolls being extremely rare its gate-keeping everyone from progressing their weapons.

While the economy might not be at it’s best it doesn’t mean it’s far from saving, I’ll illustrate some scenarios where I believe the game has clear weak points and some of my ideas to eventually standardize the economy and find the correct balance in the long run.

My proposed solutions:

Simply put, making use of NPC’s, stores and repeatable content in the game are the key to forcefully remove the gold flood we’re dealing with right now which could be done easily by having overpriced low availability items more accessible by the community; With this i bring up the first suggestion that comes to mind:

An Scroll shop

The addition of Cursed scrolls and the debut of the Holy scrolls previously teased by berezaa to a unique shop located in Nilgarf, increasing availability of these scrolls while funneling a lot of money out of the economy creating the most effective gold sink in the game; Both of these items being heavily RNG would mean every time a cursed scroll fails it’s guaranteed to delete a relevant amount of money off the game from those individuals with the most money by forcing them to buy a Holy scrolls or just by buying a new weapon.

Cursed scrolls could potentially go for around 500s in the shop while the Holy scrolls could go for 1g (or even more) with their unique ability to roll back a failed upgrade attempt decreasing their % effectiveness each successful use of these type of scrolls; Effectively pushing prices down and making them more accessible, setting an invisible price cap as no one would sell cursed above 500s, removing a large portion of the gold in-game right off the bat.

The new level 28 weapons

With the previous patch we got a new set of weapons immediately power creeping the Colosseum weapon set, and it’s completely fine that it’s stronger however, the cost for it does not actually match the strength of the item; By having Items like the Lunar staff be worth less than 100s for something that outclasses the previous best in slot gear with ease is a massive waste of a gold sink; when items like these which are constantly used to curse and upgrade are so cheap makes it so the risk of actually blowing up your weapon is reduced because how little it costs making the weapon simply expendable without any backlash, so i believe the prices for these new weapons should probably be adjusted accordingly to further improve the economy.

Spider Queen’s Revenge Hard mode

Another piece of content that has been neglected as of lately is the SQR dungeon, at one point the most popular content in Vesteria; A few months ago we were briefly teased a harder version of the dungeon with enhanced mobs and supposedly better rewards, this could be easily utilized as a gold sink with the proper planning.

Normal version of SQR has no requirements besides being above level 20 and having big enough party , the way it works it’s you run it, if you clear it you receive around 15-25 silver a bunch of eggs, supplies and maybe a chance to get a rare drop if you got enough progress in your Monster book;

What i got in mind for the potential ''Hard-mode Spider Queen’s Revenge" is making it have a cost of entry of about 20(?) silver per participant, the point of this is to make the player make an investment in order to gain more rewards; of course it would have to provide good enough rewards to make it worth it to run, so perhaps it would be a nice way to introduce Tier 2 Spider weapons only able to achieve through trading Hard mode SQR eggs, which would induce more trade which takes me to my following point, trading.

Trade Taxing

With the amount of items being traded in an MMO it is important for the game well being to passively remove a small fraction off the money generated through rare drops and valuable items priced by the community

If there are items worth a fortune like Crowns taking 5-10% of the silver on a trade like that is just massive for the game.

All of the previous changes coupled with the % tax implemented would keep the game in a healthy state almost immediately and for the upcoming updates so even if at some point cursed scrolls or whichever new item that gets added into the game becomes relevant this will always keep the game in a good spot economy wise.

The Closure

These are some of the ideas i have in mind of which i firmly believe will place the game back on it’s feet, it deeply saddens me how most players are unable to actually progress just because of the lack of key features; We are still early on development and the game will continue to grow and eventually get more content it is not irreversible just yet, so i want to ask you all what do you think about these proposals or if you would add or change anything from these.

I like your ideas here but they don’t seem to acknowledge the lengths MMORPG players will go to grind for money. Heres an example. You state that

which you then go on to list why you believe it is.

I bolded what I believe is something you didn’t take into consideration when explaining your ideas. All the money sinks in the world won’t fix an economy. Too many of them and the player-base will feel overwhelmed and feel playing is more of a chore, what with being left to little to no currency, and instead the economy will be dominated by people who don’t need to actively play to gain currency. Exploiters and auto-farmers. This is a no no, we do not want this. In order to effectively implement a money sink, you have to find a way to give value to the currency system in which the money sink is for. Sure,

but once players get their maxxed out items, they can just keep on getting more and more money, and from what I know, there are ways to make this amount in a very quick amount of time, thus the prices would more than likely need to be adjusted, which then comes back to the idea of “game feels more like a chore”.

I do, however, like your SQR Hard mode idea, quite a bit actually, as well as adjusting the prices of the new level 28 weapons (which is straight forward, I won’t really talk about that for now). Forcing the players to invest in a raid which drops better loot is effectively having the player invest in improving themselves, which always feels nice, especially when it pays off and you finally get itemization improvements. However, this will still fall behind and start ending up the same way it is now except with better items. Leading into your trading tax, that is, as you say,

as well as any MMORPG which has the option to trade. It would most certainly help a lot and should be added, but it all falls back to the idea that eventually, the tax won’t amount to anything and will just be a small poke of someone’s finger. I think your ideas would be great to implement as new features, but I don’t think they’ll fix the economy, or even put it into a good state. I am not saying I think my idea will fix it, but I know that there are underlying problems within Vesteria’s economy which won’t be addressed with the solutions you provided here.

I want to thank you for your thoughts and appreciate the response;

I understand your main concern with suddenly pushing these changes onto the community might appear as overwhelming however, these are not only meant to be considered as a gold sink for the sake of it rather as a way to progress and make these highly requested and valuable items available to the rest of the rest of the community.

Yes that is true, however it is not right to punish the players that play the most since then it feels just not worth it, the point of this is to initially supply the game which currently has a severe lack of these particular items and for these items to eventually lower by having the community supply the same items through drops as people would be able to reach progression.

And you bring up a very important point, the gold that’s already in the game brought by the exploiters:

I probably didn’t explain myself too well in regards of these cases, the money from these individuals and the damage they caused cannot be undone right away, but these types of people are indirectly the main demographic we should try to sink the money from, the wealthy portion of the community.

As for the exploiters it really is something out of our hands and the best we can do is to make the damage they cause to the minimum; The only way to deal with this is with the proper counter measures with a moderation system of sorts and this will stay an issue with or without these suggestions applied, but that’s for another topic.

Back to the main topic; The idea is mostly centered towards the thought that the game will eventually keep getting more and more content, even though someone reaches maxed items better items will continue to come out and it will undoubtedly continue like a cycle, like most MMOs tend to work nothing stays the best forever and the scrolling system relies on very small percentage of success to reach a truly max weapon so it’s very likely only a few select people will reach this level.

The prices mentioned were for the most part an estimated example and of course I’m down for them to be adjusted if deemed necessary the purpose of this is just to stimulate the games economy through players so eventually utilizing this store is no longer the main way to obtain the scrolls.

Now boarding some of your comments about the SQR hardmode and how some items would eventually fall behind:

And would be working as intended, players obtain new gear through what I would expect to be a high difficulty dungeon eventually achieve new gear through exchanging said “Hardmode currency” and then the Scrolling system takes place one more time, more casual players would resort to using the safe bet 100%, 70% scrolls or just raw selling the weapons (And making use of the Trade Tax) while the more wealthy ones would opt for the risky option, further accomplishing the end goal; And eventually level cap rises and there’s a whole new roster of items ready to be explored.

Let me make clear that I don’t expect every single thing on the initial suggestion to go through exactly as I posted it, as this is supposed to be a community effort to find the best way to apply changes and to reach the best option at hand so it’d be nice to spark a discussion.

Berezaa has recently confirmed that the Scroll idea is being implemented as a Traveling merchant selling various scrolls and other items for gold, let’s keep trying to push other changes to keep draining gold off the game .

Seeing how pretty much all of these points got addressed on the most recent discord meeting i believe there is no further need to discuss these suggestions since they’re all being considered for upcoming patches.

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