My take on the effect the significant ancient scroll price increase

Before, ancient scrolls were no problem to get; they were actually grindable items due to their fair drop rate. One could grind crabs, get a bunch of ancient scrolls, mass buy level 15 weps, use one ancient each til it succeeds, repeat. It was a simple, but somewhat time-consuming process, but it could be very rewarding and it wasn’t extremely costly.

Now, ancient scrolls have a very low drop rate and are extremely tedious to invest in. A failed ancient scroll would cost you quite a lot of silver now, whether you got them as rare drops or bought them. 50 silver I feel is way overpriced for one ancient scroll. The thing about ancient scrolls is that you have to use several of them to actually create an effective weapon with a good number of remaining attempts. Theoretically, a person would have to use 10 ancient scrolls to get at least one successfully applied, though in reality that varies. But still, 10 ancients is 500 silver, and that’s not even factoring the costs of buying the weapons to upgrade. That’s several hours of grinding down the drain for just one successful, but adequately strong upgrade.

If ancients remain this costly, no one will want them anymore. It isn’t worth the risk and cost for just a little bit of stats and damage on a single weapon. Even for people with one or more gold, it burns up your currency extremely quickly, so the odds aren’t as worth it as it used to be.

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Thanks for your feedback. As we add new content, the Ancient Scrolls will become easier and easier to get. We see Ancient Scrolls as pretty advanced content, and in our minds players at Lvl.15 (which is what the game’s content is at right now) shouldn’t be using them quite yet. You’ll just have to wait a bit for the game to catch up.


Will there possibly be any other advanced scrolls other than Cursed or Recovery scrolls coming our way?

I just use 100% scrolls.

100%s op af right now its kind of funny how in one update 70% and 10% scrolls were made obsolete.

Yeah, I think Ber should have made Great scrolls the same price or just slightly higher than normal scrolls since there isn’t a significant difference in between them.

If you were to try 7 70s on a wepon, you cant fail more than one or it becomes worse than 100%s

Yeah, theoretically, you’d succeed using 70%s 5/7 times, so it’d be better off to either use 100%s only or a mix of 2 Greats and 5 100%s.

suceeding 3/4 70%s is the same as using 4 100s i think thats kinda bs. For the added price and the losng chance it really makes no sense to even use on a weapon.

and on average you wont even succeed 3/4 times because its 70 and not 75

That… doesn’t sound right. I’ll check it out

It could also be a rounding error that has to do with what weapon you are scrolling on. The higher base damage of the original weapon, the bigger the difference between 100s, 70s and 10s

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Yeah I thought your post is off. 100% scrolls apply 5% of the base damage (rounded up) onto the weapon, whereas 70% scrolls apply 7.5% of the base damage (also rounded up).

six 70s is definitely better than seven 100s

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The slight 70% scroll nerf has a bigger impact on some lower base damage weapons. One less weapon attack point per scroll seems to make a huge difference.

For example, on a Spiderfang Dagger, a 70% scroll would only give 4 Weapon Attack.
A 100% Scroll would give 3 Weapon Attack, so the risk for only one extra Weapon Attack is not worth it.

Gotcha. Well, like I said, 70% scrolls aren’t really intended to be used yet at that level. You should see them become more prominent and more powerful later in the game.


Wouldnt early game be where the 70’s try to shine, as at high levels they might eventually become outdated once cursed scrolls are added, where it might be better to start with cursed and end with 100s than risk the entire weapon for tiny amounts of extra damage given by 70s

cant fail more than one, as failing a second would make it worse than 100s was what i was trying to convey there

in highter lvl the 70% wont be outdated since cursed and 10% gonna be dangerous to use and like berezaa said the 70% gonna have more dif in highter lvl so they will be scroll used the most later (a cursed with 6 100% would be weaker than a cursed with 5 70% in highter lvl possibly even 4 70%)

He cant make 70% stronger for low lvl since its a % of the weap dmg or it will make 70% useless and ancient too but he dont want to make any useless just some dangerous to use

then why not make 70s decent to use now and just nerf when higher levels come out? right now there is no weapon in the game that it is better to use 70s on than 100s, just because of that fail chance.