My take on the Class balancing

This will be a long post, and ton of bad grammar, i couldn’t be bothered trying to grammar correct everything cause that would take ages to do. But anyways here’s my take on how to improve the classes and generally make the game more fun and enjoyable to all classes.


Knife throw: Should now be an instant cast that functions similar to how bows fuctions where it will be casted for quite a long distance and will have a snap to target feature. But now it will be instant throw with high speed, and each 2 levels gives you an additontal knife throw so it will be 3 knifes in total. This abbility will only have 1 second cool down but for it not to be to Op it will only start of with 10 power, and the max amount of power you can get is 50. so basicly each knife throws would deal way less dps then you would do with your normal left click attacks. this is what i have in mind the abbility would work like:

Shadow step should have an iframe when using it with a bow.

Execute: should only do alot of damage when the target is below 25% hp. to compesent for that it should give hunters 10% life leach from the target.


Combat roll: Needs an iframe, for it to be useful in combat and such

Parry: Altrough the damage buff is nice, it still needs to have it so that your immune to attacks during that animation otherwise i’d just be better of using other abbelites thats not so riskful to use.


Blink: same thing needs an iframe for it to function as an dodge abbility.

Magic Bomb: Bring back the manual aiming before casting the magic bomb so we get better accreocsy


Taunt: It dosent feel that super useful atm, i feel like it should lower the enemys defense when using that abbility for it to be useful outside of duengons.

Sheild bash: Should give you iframes and stun the target for a second or so.


Bladespin: Needs to seriously have a damage buff, it feels weak even with the berserker roar buff, your left click littearly does like 100 to 200% more damage.

Normal Attacks: Incress the left click attack speed, atm it feels like you deal less dps beacuse how slow your left clicks are when duel weilding.

Feriouses Assault: give it 40% armor bonus during the its cast animation. atm it feels you open and the animation takes a fairly bit of time for it to be casted, that or make it so you can move during that animation while atthe same time buff its damage. Otherwise i’d its better of just using your normal left clicks.


Earthcall: Should have bigger radius so it can hit multiple enemys and needs to get damage buff cause atm it does the same amount of damage as your left click attacks.

Fireblast: Needs to get damage buff on over time and needs to have longer over time fire damage, cause it seems to only deal 50 damage no matter the rank you put it on.

Frostcall: the damage is alright and all, but i feel like it should slow down the target for 1 or 2 second each time you hit he enemy. after all it is an ice attack.

Normal attack: replace the normal left clicks with the old shotgun zap.


Smite: Needs to have a way bigger radius and bigger distance, while at the same time doing a bit of damage buff, it should have a big longer cooldown beacuse of that to. it could also heal you and your allies for 5 hp depending on how many enemys you hit, since after all it is a semi dps/support class.

Rebuke: should heal you and your allies by 20 hp depeding on how many targets you hit.

Prayer: needs a slight Hp buff healing over time, maybe 70 Hp per second? atm it feels some what a weaker version of the normal regen, just that its a bit longer. also replacing the prayer animation into something more nobel/Knight loocking intstead of just looking like a peasent prayer emote would help aswell.

Two handed weapons: normal attacks should have a massive cleave attack that has a massive hitbox and that deals decent amount of damage. Should have the highert damage raiting out of all weapons, but the swing will be sligty bit slower compared to other weapons.


Mimic summon: Okay so the mimic summon needs a bit of rework, it should now mimic all of your attacks, how ever it will only mimic 50% of your mage attack and adventure skill, so it wont be super OP and broken, so lets say you have level 10 thunderclap the mimic will only send 5 thunder strikes and deal 50% less of its damage. same thing goes for magic bomb.
You will also have few commands for your mimic such as Follow,Stay and Attack. That way you’d have better ways to micro managing your mimic, mimics should also last for as long as you want, and should now have bigger blast radius when you want to dedonate it, but will have a longer cooldown to resummon it, It will now also have its own HP bar, leveling the skill up will give it more attack power and more HP per level.

Passive: Normal attacks will now be turned into flame trower that will also do fire damage over time to enemys.
This can be uppgraded 5 times for more power and reach.


Arrow rain: Needs a damage buff and distance buff, You will have a ciricle notifcation on where you want to aim down the rain of arrows before executing the attack.

Retreat: Should be a ranger abbility instead of trickster.

Ricohete: Needs a lower cool down, and a snap to target feature when you first shoot the arrow, since it mostly have high chance of it missing the target/going trough the target.

New Passive: Lets you shoot more than 1 arrow during your normal attacks.
each rank gives you additnoal arrow when shooting. This can be uppgraded 3 times.


Will be getting a massive overhaul that will keep the knife throw skill in mind.

Shuriken throw: Will throw a massive shuriken that will perice trough any enemys that it comes in contact, leveling this will incress its damage and distance it goes trough.
this can be uppgraded 10 times.

Shadow partner: An active abbility that buff the players attack,movment speed and buffs the knife throw abbility. so each 2 level gives you additonal knife during the shadow partner abbility. This can be uppgraded 5 times.

Fan of knifes: Hurls a flurry of knifes damaging,nearby enemys for 100 power. This can be uppgraded 5 times.

tricksters will still have the older tricskter abbilites on top of it execpt the disengage but i think these new abbilites will be well worth the compensation.


Shadow Furry: Should be a way bigger hitbox and your character will become part of the shadowfury should also last a bit longer and you have iframe during that animation.

StepTroughShadow: will instantly cast a flashsmoke grenade before teleporting back, causing stun and 120 power damage. uppgrading it will incess the damage and effect.

Invilsiblity: will throw a deadly smoke bomb aswell on the ground that will damage enemy over time. will scale of depeding on what level of invisibility it is and scales of the radius aswell.

Passive: Gives you extra damage bonus and chance to cause bleed effect when attacking enemy from behind. this can be uppgraded 5 times.


Healing: Should be renamed into something else and will now damage enemys when casting it instead of only healing the player and allies, The healing also needs to get a big buff, cause maxed out healing only gives you 120 while flare gives 100 hp, The power would start by doing 100 power and would scale of each time you level upp the abbility. Same goes for the healing part.

10 power means 0.1x power of basic attack so since its probably hard to even aim dagger throw, you should really bump up those numbers

sounds like a perk for a special weapon or a subclass

remembers these are just regular hunters with daggers (and can double jump), not vesra or terul yet

(this is for sorcerer)

it sounds good to the ears for mages but the old shotgun zap will cause chaos

itd be better if it was 1 zap because or somethin like that

doesnt make sense, not all enmies are undead so healing things like crabbys shouldnt really hurt them (holy magic)

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Knife throwing will be way easier to throw since it will function similar to how bows are which will have semi aim assist since it will snap on to the nearest target one of the main reason why its 10 power is beacuse you will be able to throw multiple knifes and eventually even be able to throw multiple knifes at the same time, keep in mind you will eventually uppgrade it to 50 power. so that with the subclass abbility it would be 100x6 power

Not sure how this would be that op, considering most other classes will have a unqie left click/normal attack, subclasses are meant to make you stronger, so it just makes more sense, they shoulden’t scrath an idea/abbility that they spent time and effort on and just throw it away, i can stil lsee this being used .

Flare is an holy magic and that already damages enemys and heals the player/allies, don’t see why renaming the “heal” abbility and change it to a diffrent name like “holy strike” or something would be a huge deal, since Clerics are Supposte to be both support and dps class, since this game really is all about who ever that does the most damage gets the reward. So that way Clerics would have more ways to deal offenisve attacks.

For mage blink ability I got a fix, make it a passive that whenever you get hit a mana bubble blocks the hit or you make an active that uses mana overtime to block/reduce damage.

Response time. This is in relation to PvP for the responses I’m giving.

Knife throw: Nothing to say.
Shadow step: No iframe, or if so, very short, like .2-3 seconds.
Execute: Rather than flat bonus, increase damage as target has lower hp, so the lower %hp the target has the more damage.

Combat roll: Already useful in combat, however with easy MASSIVE aoe skills mages have, it would be nice to also have a .2-3 iframe.
Parry should be able to block some mage stuff honestly, because it’s already hard enough to land parry on any melee target attacking.

Blink: No iframe, just no.
Magic Bomb: A predetermined curve to show where the bomb would land, would help people hit it more often. Aiming showing a line for trajectory.

Taunt: No comment, ability just needs more testing in general.
Shield Bash: Stun not implemented yet. Was already planned.

Bladespin: The representation on the skill desc, is missleading, it’s really damage per second, and should be stated as such, so it makes more sense to players.
Auto: Animation speed is just odd.
FA: You’re supposed to be in the open. If anything, you should be just heavily slowed, so you still have slight mobility but not stuck to a spot. It’s intended to be a risky move, with high reward, in terms of dps output.

Earthcall: Damage buff no, you have other skills for that. The radius however does need a slight increase, so you don’t need to literally bonk someone on the head with the skill.
Frostcall: Damage is nuts, can literally hit someone 12 times, one shotting them. But I do agree with the slow, however if implemented, I’d suggest a lower damage because of the slow.
Auto:Stahp, keep them with a wacking stick, already strong enough as is.

Note: Paladins are a very confused subclass, “intended” as a hybrid, but in a game like vesteria, hybrid just doesn’t work, and is very clunky. Since increasing int, will lead to lower warrior damage/auto damage, and increasing str, will mean lower subclass damage.
Small previously mentioned potential fix: Paladin - "Blessed" (Something along the lines that your abilities scale off of int, and have a slightly gold glow effect similar to cleric.
Smite: Radius no, distance no. But lower cooldown, and turned in to a equivalent auto attack ability, where you spam this for auto attacks rather than using a normal auto attack essentially.
THW: Weapons which just automatically attack slower, should have higher atk ratings slightly proportional to the damage potential loss, as currently all skills do scale off of weapon attack, as to not make these kind of weapons just nuts.

Warlocks (Big bad)
Note: Warlocks NEED a better balance system, for all of it. Already spoke to David about this one.
Summon: Having a nerd fight for you would be a lovely addition to the game, but I’m pretty sure Ber is like no to that(for the hp part). At least for Warlock. Anyways, having the summon mimic literally all your mage skills, would be very fun, but of course, a damage reduction would be highly suggested as to avoid oneshotting, since oneshots are toxic in games. Fun potential mechanic: Much! Longer cooldown on the summon, but you can revive on the spot if it is active. Maybe full revive, maybe a partial revive for a period of time after.
Reiteration: Mages = casters, not auto attackers. However the loss of auto attacks for mages will be felt. Maybe in the future mage auto attacks will make a comeback and be more specialized.

Arrow rain: agreed
retreat: agreed
There will be weapon passives which give additional arrows, however, I do agree that if you’re needing to stand still, spend money, and spend mana to even have close to the dps of a mage, definitely need some sort of buff to compensate. But of course slightly more vulnerability in turn.

Note: I personally enjoy the tricksters abilities, but the balancing sense could definitely be improved. So I’ll just say no to everything and be done there.
To make trickster more improved however, needs aim assist similar to magic missles. Trap for other players shouldn’t be so blaringly visible. A visual misdirection skill similar to mirage(apex) or like a change appearance temporarily skill to bamboozle peeps.

Shadow Furry: Increase hitbox, or same hitbox, but the skill if it hits, stays on the target till done. (no iframe.)
StepThroughShadow: At this current point in time, I’d have to disagree with the stun, but agree with a bit of damage or just something aditional when using the skill.
Invis: Fine as is.
Passive: No comment


:zzz::zzz::zzz:: Healing skills should be based off of power, and not just flat numbers. Similarily, upgrading items with flat values as players get stronger is dumb. Both should be % based additions. Clerics already have all of the mage abilities, they defintiely do not need any more damage. Flare actually needs a nerf.