My Shop Inventory [UPDATE 1!]

What I’m Selling:
Yeti Fur Boots
Spider Leg Bow +10 (full Greats)

What I’m Buying (name your price):
Great Scroll for Weapon ATK
Great Scroll for Armor DEF
Ravager Boots
Dustwurm Longbow (preferably Swift or Fierce)

When I’m online, I can usually be found either in Shiprock Bottom farming Snellys, or the Colosseum farming Guardians. I prefer the Colo, but sometimes those max players won’t leave me alone so I go to Shiprock.

Yeti boots for ravager boots is not worth it at all.

It kinda is. Think about it . . . there is currently a very high demand for Yeti Fur Boots and a quite low supply, so the price is quite reasonable. Ravager boots (and most of the Spoils of Glory’s stuff) is in practically no demand, so, economically, my price is fair.

Still trading ravager boots?

Yeah still trying to get em. Yeti boots.

I can offer 400S on the bow

still got that bow?

Can you go up to 450S?

Yeah I still got it

And there’s absolutely no demand for Mage boots because there are none :frowning: