My Saves' Lore (Title must be long)

I currently have three functional saves, the fourth one in untouched.

SLOT 1: Rufus
Class/Level: Warrior N/A
Personality: No-nonsense, military drill-sergeant strict type. Has absolutely ZERO tolerance for the low-HP Hunters. Is neutral towards all Mages except Clerics, he loves Clerics. Hates shrooms of all sorts, goes murderhobo on them.
In Game: This is where I farm Golden Mushrooms.
GEAR: Variable

SLOT 2: Ernie
Subclass/Level: Ranger 49
Personality: Laid back, usually very relaxed, very chill. If he truly commits himself to something, however, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. About 80% of the time any given quarry has no idea he is there until they feel the 10k damage from Ranger’s Stance in their back. Refuses to get anywhere near hostile monsters due to his low HP.

  • +14 Tuaa Bow
  • +10 Spider Fang Dagger (tryna get holy)
  • +8 (i think) Sandskulker Vest
  • Sandskulker Boots
  • Aviator Cap

SLOT 3: George
Subclass/Level: Cleric 44
Personality: Kind and caring to a fault. Always sees the best in people no matter how many bad things they do, often hands out free stuff when his inventory is filling up. Always resurrects someone if he can, because he hates death (death took his best friend from him, it’s a personal feud kinda thing).

  • +14 Webbed Staff
  • +12 Chitin Scythe
  • +10 Artificer’s Robe
  • +8 Astrologist’s Scepter
  • Aviator’s Cap
  • +7 Portable Water
  • Artificer’s Hat

These are my slots when I am NOT using them. When I am using them, it is sorta like temporary possession, usually their friends and close associates just dismiss it as “another bout of insanity”. For them, it’s kinda like blacking out at a club, you wake up several hours later with no idea what you were doing, a ridiculous amount of crap, and no idea how you got there.
I am free with res on my cleric tho, if I find ur grave before u escape I will chug an elixir if need be to res u (I spent a skill point on that, I’m gonna use it a LOT, because it was either that or maxing Heal).


maybe more medieval names (no hate :slight_smile: )

Is this a personal attack or something?

Nice lore btw

Specify. What do you mean by a “personal attack”? I can’t really stand to see people die, also that Cleric is some sort of saint.

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EDIT: Thanks.

Oh, I realized my name on here is Hawt_Pocket. In-Game I’m DeathEvasion so people call me death.

No it’s not targeted at you, just at the concept of death in general (as in, people dying in Vesteria).

That’s kind of the joke…


Ah, sorry, didn’t realize you were joking.

I do get it now though.

Good one.