My recent skill points were reset?

So just now I decided to put my 8 skill points into zap I then headed to Colosseum to pvp with friends and thennn my stats got reset not fully but only the ones i just added here is some pics to show it! image image SOMEONE HELP IDK WHATS GOING ON

unsure but this doesn’t seem to be too big of a problem to me. Just reassign skill points to their respective skills since you didn’t lose any points : /

Well yes but its a bug/glitch that should probably be fixed as I assume it wasnt on purpose.

It was on purpose. The original skills had a 10 Max on bomb, and blink and zap both had a Max of 1. You just gained extra points that can actually be used.

Edit: nevermind, I didn’t read that you spent them already and gained them back strangely